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5690 Smokey Mountain Wy, Yorba Linda CA Owners say sell this house now!!! Priced below comparible bank owned properties. This beautiful home is what the discriminating buyer is looking for. Features include exotic granite, red mahogany cabinets and matching stair rail, and front door. Master suit...
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1. Drive Slower. Traveling at speed limit can save up up to 21%. 2. Keep windows closed when traveling at high speeds. Open windows can cause wind drag reducing your milage by over 10%. 3. Drive steadily. Speeding up and slowing down wastes fuel. 4. Remove excess weight. 5. Keep tires properly in...
I was cleaning out my closet and found this little book given to me by my mom when I was a teenager.  "Live and Learn and Pass It On" by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. is a book full of small quotes by people of all ages.  Do you have something you would like to share with the rest of us?My favorite quote...
Okay, so I was contacted by this very nice gentleman who gave me a very specific task: find me a great home with between 1600- 2000 square feet, less than 10 years old for a specific amount of money.  He has a large amount to put down and is more than qualified.  So I get to work and find him a t...
I specialize in Yorba Linda, but we do a lot of business in placentia.  So, the majority of my blog posts will deal with real estate issues in Yorba linda, Placentia, and other surrounding areas like Brea.  Right now I am seeing a tremendous upturn in activity, but buyers and sellers are very slo...
I am finding that the banks are very stubborn on the price they have on their bank-owned properties.  Are bank owned properties priced with a little room in your areas?  I work mostly in Orange County and Riverside County.  I have a client who wants to pay all cash and every time we submit and of...


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