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Fact or fiction: "Is this the absolute best time to buy a house in recent history?" That is the question that current prospective homebuyers are grappling with. Interest rates are at near historic lows, housing prices are at the lowest levels in decades and the $8,000 Federal Tax Credit has been ...
All: More good news about mortgage rates...the recommendation is to "buy" or "lock in" when the rates dip. Rates are erratic and difficult to predict. Also, as most analysts will tell you, these low rates will not be around forever.  
Here is a great article. I only had a handful of clients lock in about a month ago below 5%. Don't let this opportunity pass you by this your lender or broker to get pre-approved or refinanced!
Here is another GREAT read! You don't have to wait until you file your taxes in next year to get the tax credit! Click on the link below to learn more...,,id=205416,00.html This is perhaps the BEST news yet regarding the government's efforts to assist first t...
Too often we have a "Wait and See" attitude! We'll see an item on sale and decide to "wait and see" if the item will go lower and then buy it! Only to return later and either all of the items in our size have been sold or, the item is no longer on sale and we just missed seemingly the opportunity...
There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the announcement by senior HUD officials that first-time homebuyers can use the $8K Federal Tax Credit as additional down payment. The minimum 3.5 percent downpayment remains intact for those who qualify for an FHA loan. Uses of the $8K tax credit in...
...hopefully not R-O-L-A-I-D-S?! Nothing against the drug maker, but that means that you're allowing life's pressures get to you and you're stressed out to the max! Granted this is a tough time in our nation's history with the bad economy, deteriorating housing market, job losses, businesses clos...
Who's your Daddy?! More succintly, what are your drivers? Is it money? Fame? Titles? Getting the credit for a successful project (whether you were the main contributor or NOT)! What makes you get up in the morning? Does the time fly by or do you watch the clock, minute by minute...second by secon...
Recently several LO's that I know began a discussion on exclusively using blogging as their form of online marketing (besides Active Rain, of course). The blogging vs. website debate is another that is all the rage on the internet and no one really seems to have a lock on what the right answer is...
President Obama campained on bringing "Change" to Washington and to put an end to "business as usual." For the most part, he is making good on his campaign promises but the bigger message is that we ALL need to take personal inventory AND responsibility and commit to turning around this economy. ...

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