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The Ancient Greeks did not write obituaries.   They asked if your life had PASSION!  Impossible is an opinion - not a fact!"Mastery is to live at peace with yourself and with nature.""You never know when you are making a memory."If not you, who? If now now, when?"Young people will not listen.  Ol...
 NEW LOAN PROGRAM AVAILABLE -  No Down Payment / No Cash Reserves / No Mortgage Insurance / No Prepayment penalties / No Limit to Seller Contributions + no maximu loan amount (it's actually based on repayment ability! What a concept!)  No 1st Time Home Buyer Requirements / Fully amortized 30-year...
I'll try to recreate the wonderful BLOG I started this morning at 4AM and lost!  I'm sure it won't be as great as that one was (no one saw that one - LOL), but I'll try.I woke up thinking about things that make me smile.  AND the very first thing that came to my mind was a cute little story about...
If you type it and  forget it or navigate away from it, does it not exist anymore, anywhere?  This is a burning question on my mind BECAUSE I just wrote a wonderful, funny, insightful BLOG, went away looking for cute suff to insert into it and came back and it was gone.  Man, I gotta start rememb...
THIS IS MY FIRST EVER BLOG!  I was thrilled to see I made it on to the first page of the Lincoln County site!  That is a good sign!  INTEREST RATES are expected to go down a little more by next week, then my lenders tell me to expect them to start creeping up again after that!  Wow, what does tha...

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