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King County Sales Stats for March 2008. King County homes sales dropped 46% in March '08 compared to March '07. March Sales: 1,277 in '08                     2,358 in '07. Median Home Price in March is down 5% from $450,000 in '07 to $425,500 in '08.    YTD (Year to date) Sales Jan '08 thru Marc...
For the Real Estate/Seahawk fans: As everyone may know, Shaun Alexander was cut on Tuesday and all I have to say is "good ridden's". In the world of NFL running backs today your numbers drop, so do you. Do get me wrong, I have been a fan of Shaun for a long time. He is a great person and has done...
When one of my clients is about  purchase property the first thing I tell them is that they need to have funds available for a deposit. This is what is called an Earnest Money Deposit. It is a "good faith" deposit, not a down payment. A deposit showing that in good faith you are going to purchase...
When I think of Brio Realty my thoughts always go back to the actual definition of the word "brio". It is a noun and is a quality of being alive, active, spirited and vigorous. This is how we live in the Real Estate World. If you are not active you are not going to go anywhere or do anything.Know...
I had a listing that was in desperate need of staging. My broker offered to help and this is what happened. Check it out: It is definitely wise for a seller to stage there home when it is for sale. Since the changes there has ...

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