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Working for a property management software company has given me the opportunity to stay in the loop with landlords/property managers who share some of their experiences. So here is the story of the week.....Offensive OdorsThis property manager has a odor policy in place for his apartment building...
She was abandoned in an apartment, how could someone do such a thing?  I reported the bad renter to authorities!! This makes me so mad!!!   -- Kathryn is a member of Rentec Direct who provides property management software and tenant screening reports.  To learn more Click Here
Dear Diary.....     I thought I would take a little time to share my recent experience I had with our local property management companies.  Having a background in property management prepared me a little,  but it did not prepare me for how all the local companies conduct business.  I am frustrate...
. (Picture taken at Wildlife Safari, Winston, Oregon-2013)--  Rentec is your easy yet powerful all-in-one property management solution.  Learn more.Need tenant screening?  We have you covered there too.  Learn more.
Wouldn't be great to be something you are not just for a day.  Like this guy here....Just a tree Forget about all your current situations, stress and demands...today I just want be a tree  --Kathryn  Rentec is your easy yet powerful all-in-one property management solution.  Learn more.Need tenant...
      I received a phone call last night from a friend who has taken on the responsibility of helping a 90 year old woman find a rental.  The family members of this woman found her a nice senior apartment to live in, but feeling like she would be giving up too much freedom she is refusing to go. ...
 As we all know every state, city, county has their different laws in regards to security deposits (tenant deposits) and how to handle them.  However, here are some common reasons you may be able to keep a security deposit: 1) If a tenant breaks their lease the landlord can keep all or part of th...
   The other day I took my 5 year old granddaughter shopping for Christmas. The goal was she would buy gifts for her family and not be focused on self.  I thought this task was going to take hours, hours, and hours!  She wouldn’t know what to buy,  she would want to keep running back to the girl ...
Here are some Steps on How to Be Thankful: 1)  Relax....It is hard to create a sense of gratitude when you are angry, frustrated or anxious 2) Live in the Moment....  If you are too busy dwelling onthe past or future we miss the great things that are happening now 3) Cherish things around you, th...
   Picture taken: Brookings, Oregon 2013Yes it is a real mushroom we found hiking in Brookings, Oregon.  It looks like something from a fairlytale book doesn't it?Enjoy the rest of your week! --Kathryn  Rentec is your easy yet powerful all-in-one property management solution.  Learn more.Need ten...

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