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This Giving Tuesday is a social movement that helps people to give back by donating time, money or influence to a cause that they feel passionate about.  Giving Tuesday is celebrated after Black Friday and Cyber Monday to encourage kindness and generosity. What will you do today for #GivingTuesda...
While visiting Northern California Coast I stumbled upon this Tsunami Evacuation Sign  Pointing down the street to this sign:   I had to laugh because it appear by the signs that I might want to stay in between sign number one and sign number two in case of an emergeny. =)    --KathrynRentec is y...
I want to pass this forward by echoing Sally & David Hanson's blog on Domestic Violence. We have a local Women's Center in Josephine County which offers resources for victim of domestic violence too.  I think we all should re-blog and add our local resource centers.    October is Natonal Domestic...
             I am usually asked this question:  "What makes you better than your competitors?"  You know what my answer is?  "You".  It is the user experience that really matters.  I can have all the bells, whistles and maybe even a couple of horns but ultimately it is all about you!  What are yo...
For those who are property managers or landlords who need to file 1099-Misc the deadlines have changed for 2016 reporting.     The New RuleFilers will be required to send 1099-MISC recipient copies and submit the forms whether paper or e-file to the IRS by January 31st, 2017.   Complications with...
Recently we rolled out a new feature that takes social media pictures and it automatically populates into the tenants profile screen.  (This is an option that can be enabled/disabled) But... How do you feel about this? I have mixed feelings about this honestly.  Someone being able to pull my prof...
 Confession:I have never been a real estate agent.  I have worn many hats in different fields surrounding real estate such as  loan originator, underwriter, banker, property manager, property management software.  So I know a little about all the ins/outs of the business but I can honestly say I ...
Have you had to deal with rental application chargebacks? I am not sure how many of you out there accept credit cards but recently we have had a couple of clients who have had credit card charge-backs on their account once the rental applicant was denied.  Now a days accepting online rental appli...
Can we please move on from the Millenials to.....  Generation Z Generation Z- Those born in the mid-90's to 2010. The buzz-words whether we like it or not eventually become annoying.  If I read the word "millenial" one more time I think I am going to scream!!!  It is interesting  to me how a cert...
We look so much alike however we are so different.  What makes you different?  What is your niche?  --KathrynRentec is your easy yet powerful all-in-one property management solution.  Learn more Need tenant screening?  We have you covered there too.  Learn more.  

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