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My expertise is two-fold. Practicing real estate in the Houston area for more than 20 years is a demonstration of my survival, if not expertise. I am passionate for the survival of the individual real estate agent and will be discussing how to succeed with the internet enabled clients.
Social Media Skills Back in the day when hoards of people rushed to California to "Find Gold" many starved because they did not first learn the skills for panning the nuggets.  Have you learned how to sift out all the time-wasting "worthless rocks" of chatter in social media to find the glitteri...
  The Woodlands is Celebrating EARTH DAY Rain or Shine! Saturday, April 18th - 10am to 3pm The Woodlands High School, 6101 Research Forest Drive learn more at: On Thursday, I interviewed Lynne Aldrich, manager of The Woodlands Environmental Services Department on my rad...
This is a fantastic post...and so very true.  Thanks for sharing it Suzanne. It is a good life! Kathi Frank (936) 441-1314   There seems to be this "mindset of fear" running rampant.  We the public, and all throughout the housing industry, seem to be listening to the medi...
It's official - We are now in a tough market in the Houston area. We have been able to say that the downturn in the market did not affect our area for most of the year.  Foreclosures were almost exclusively in small pockets of our marketplace.  Homes that were priced well and staged well were sel...
Although it is really not complicated or hard to learn Twitter, it is a constant stream of discovery.  Like ActiveRain, I set up a profile more than a month before I actually did anything with it.  Then four days ago I started actually "Tweeting". BEWARE: It can really become addictive very quick...
Faiths Together celebrated a wonderful 10th anniversary last night! I was so honored to be a part of the event - in the choir comprised of a people from diverse cultures and faiths. It was awesome!!!     This event is yet one more example of why The Woodlands is such a wonderful place to live......
  Be careful where your WORDS are scattered! I read a fable a few days ago and it reminded me of many conversations here on Active Rain.  See if you can see the "moral of the story." A peasant had a troubled conscience and sought the help of the village sage.  He was concerned about some gossip ...
Well - my friends - I am going to end this series of posts with this lesson I learned from IKE. All we need ever do to get people to wait in line for our services is to provide exceptional value. (This photo was taken on 9/15, 2 full days after the storm had passed.  This line was at least an hou...
Uncle Ike - I am suffering - Yeah right! (This was written on September 15th, a few days after the storm on an old notebook computer powered by a noisy generator.) Ordinarily, I would be suffering right now.  I have no internet fact, I do not have electricity other than what is provid...
David knocked on my door about 10 minutes ago (This was Tuesday, September 16th) and asked if he could work cleaning all the small bits and pieces of tree scattered throughout my yard.  It is certainly going to be a minimum of 3 hours of hard, hot work.  He said he would do it for $22.50 - the ba...

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