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My expertise is two-fold. Practicing real estate in the Houston area for more than 20 years is a demonstration of my survival, if not expertise. I am passionate for the survival of the individual real estate agent and will be discussing how to succeed with the internet enabled clients.
I was inspired by a documentary on TV last night that showcased the life of Harlan Ellison, the writer of the original Star Trek series.  His openness is profound - expressed both in anger and wisdom - so I started a little research.  I found this quote: "Like the wind crying endlessly through th...
When people are serving, life is no longer meaningless.  John Gardner Today, we honor those that gave the ultimate service to others.  Not only do we take time to recognize their sacrifice and offer encouragement to those families that live on without those that we love...but we also can take wha...
One of the habits that I inherited from my father is the wisdom of keeping a garden. Although my garden is tiny compared to average and super-teeny-weeny compared to the one kept by my parents, it still provides something for me that is hard to describe. Sure, it is wonderful to taste the "fruit ...
5th Annual Wine and Food Week 2009The Woodlands, TexasTuesday May 26th - Sunday, May 31stWith more than 40 events scheduled throughout the week, there is truly "something for everyone".  This blog does not have enough space to cover all the events, so you are encouraged to visit www.WineandFoodW...
You can profit from this book.  So don't waste any time!  This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!!! (I'll tell you about the limited aspect of this offer later in this post.) Really, I know that sounds like a "come on".  You have been in this business.  You've seen all the scams and schemes being used to s...
If you spend any time looking at the MLS, you know that many agents can't spell - much less craft a complete sentence or an accurate description of property they have listed. Sellers have every right to demand that a prospective agent submit writing samples.  After all, the listing agent is apply...
When I read Joe Pryor's tribute to his Mom, I was struck by the similarities of our experience.  Just before his Mother's passing, he came to Houston to see his Mom in the hosptal.  I live near The Woodlands, just north of Houston, and was in Oklahoma City at the time he visited here. You see, my...
I just have a few minutes before I leave for an appointment, but I was reading a backlog of email when I came across this post in the Houston Business Journal: Economist: ‘Free-fall is over'  Since I always love good news and share it with my client base, I hopped over to the website to see what ...
ll see how they respond. Keep the feedback coming. If there is something in particular that interests you, let me know and I will either find an answer in my notes or see if I can get you an answer from all the wonderful techno-experts in my office here in The Woodlands.
Today - I am off to a seminar to learn more about social media from "expert" Chris Brogan.  I will drive a little over an hour to reach the hotel where he will be speaking. It seems that so-called EXPERTS are showing up everywhere these days.  I'm not yet convinced of his expertise, but I will co...

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