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However you celebrate Easter, there is something about this quiet morning that brings a sense of peace, as well as that quickening of the spirit as Spring begins its cycle here in the Northeast. After 4+ feet of snow this Winter, and the struggles to get through to work, as well as some laughable...
What's the Magic Word? My mom frequently managed to introduce important life concepts with memorable phrases, and one I heard pretty often growing up was, "What's the Magic Word?"  This was my cue to say one of two things: "Please." or "Thank you."Even as a child, I could see that these had a pos...
While we are lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with family, there's been something missing... We didn't have any leftover turkey. For some, this might not be a hardship, as not everyone likes turkey enough to want to eat it for days afterward. But Herb and I really enjoy turkey, so we've created...
Today, of all days, I am basking in thankfulness. I feel a sense of gratitude on most days, but having a day named Thanksgiving brings many more thoughts and emotions to light. Here are some things I'm thankful for, in no particular order: My friends. I've never been one to have hundreds of frien...
It's funny how life unfolds in different ways as I go along. There were so many years where I struggled so hard to make sense of things, to figure out the way ahead, and somehow felt I had to do it all by myself. Maybe it's what most young people go through, or maybe it was just a mixture of thin...
Well, I thought I'd managed to miss out on Herb's cold, but I should have known better. It's been a couple of bad days, down for the count. Going through boxes of tissues and vats of tea and chicken soup. Yet, there's something kind of wonderful about being able to stop out for a couple of days. ...
After quite belatedly reading a Sunday Times article (from weeks ago) called Lost in Paris, I found myself re-living some of my favorite Paris moments and thought I'd share one with you. After visiting Paris several times on my own and with a friend, I took my younger sister there for her 40th bi...
Here I sit, warm and cozy, while outside, the rain promised for today thrums down. I can hear it gurgling in the downspouts, and bouncing off the window sill. Cars are driving by, their headlights shining through the sheets of rain, making it look like fog. Their tires hiss and then they're gone,...
As I get used to my new schedule, I'm starting to put some new habits in place. One of the most enjoyable is "cook-ahead" time on Sunday. I try to make at least one good meal that will generate some leftovers during the week. Knowing that Herb will pitch in and make dinner on weeknights takes som...
Ah, These Early Fall Mornings... Getting on the road at 5:30 a.m. has opened a whole new world to me. The drivers on the Merritt Parkway are just as aggressive at this hour - there are just quite a few less of them. The air is very chilly, with a hint of the dew that makes it feel refreshing and ...

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