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For some families, sharing a bathroom is a normal part of everyday life that rarely causes problems, but for others, sharing a bathroom is a source of endless conflict. When shopping for a new home, think carefully about the number of bathrooms you need.Full BathroomsIt’s generally a good idea to...
Raising a family means dealing with laundry, cooking, cleaning and other chores. Parents often feel overwhelmed and struggle to get their kids to help out, but it doesn’t need to be that way.Start Early Young kids have a natural desire to spend time with their family members and to participate in...
Does your home look like a storage locker or a pack rat’s dream? If so, it’s time to purge, declutter, and refresh. As your local real estate professional, I want to share with you this insightful infographic on how to efficiently and easily declutter your home. All without feeling overwhelmed, o...
There are many urban myths when it comes to real estate, and as your local real estate professional I thought I should help debunk some of these. This compact infographic will detail the reality behind five common myths in real estate.
Now that February has arrived, homeowners are anticipating the upcoming spring season and everything that comes along with it.Warmer temperatures are on their way. By mid-February, colder zones throughout the country will be approaching the last frost of the season, making it the perfect time for...
In determining your asking price, you need to consider why you have chosen to put your home on the market. In most cases, the higher the asking price, the longer it takes for the home to sell. As your local real estate professional, I thought you’d benefit from this infographic illustrating how t...
When you bought your home, you expected to be able to pay your mortgage on time, but a job loss, pay cut, divorce, illness, injury or death in the family might have left you unable to cover all your expenses. If you’ve received a dreaded foreclosure notice, you might not want to talk to your lend...
A garage is an excellent place for storage, but things are often put there and forgotten. This can result in a disorganized mess that makes it difficult to find room for vehicles and other important items. If your garage could use some organization, you need a strategy.Get Help and Make a PlanFir...
Utility bills are often much higher than they should be. By making some simple changes, you can keep your house comfortable and significantly reduce your monthly energy bills.Lower Heating CostsHeating and cooling are responsible for a large chunk of utility bills. In the winter, you can save mon...
You want house hunters to see the beauty of your home, and that can’t be done if your rooms are dark or poor lighting make them appear gloomy. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in some lighting when putting your home on the market in order to create a home with as much natural light coming in...

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