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I haven't been here in a year and a half!  I hope I didn't leave something in the fridge with the electricity off.  It would probably smell pretty bad by this point.
I share some more thoughts about the Paulson bailout and the likely impact for real estate. The usual warning applies about forward looking statements:  objects in the crystal ball are fuzzier than they appear.
How can you tell Paulson's idea is completely dumb? You can tell because a random real estate broker with no banking experience came up with an also-dumb idea that was, for all its stupidity, a better idea than Paulson's in a couple of days. My idea finances 20% of the borrowing in the US for a y...
I don't know how much you're following the news of the bailout of wall street banks who repackaged bad loans, but if you're not, now is a great time to get involved and please, please call your elected representative and tell everyone you can about this incredible fiasco. Hank Paulson, Secretary ...
Tired of typing that registered trademark symbol on the r-word every few minutes?  I know I was. This plugin fixes it, for Wordpress Users.  Just type the word, lower case or upper, and the trademark appears by plugin magic.  You'll need basic knowledge of how to install a Wordpress Plugin, or so...
It didn't work.  Maybe ActiveRain wants me to have free content.  200 points please. June 16th, 2008 Hey BROKERS and AGENTS!!! Learn how to Quadruple your listing database by making offers to BUY Houses...If they do not except your price and terms... YOU WILL GET ALL THE LISTINGS. Featured Blogs...
And here they are.  Two ActiveRain blogs took home the honors this week.
Finishing up our series of Roseville Market snapshots (for now -- anyway -- we may have an aggregate market update for Roseville available soon), here is a snapshot of market data for West Roseville (95747) for May, 2008.  This snapshot reprinted by permission from the Roseville Real Estate Blog....
This Central Roseville real estate market snapshot is reprinted by permission of the Roseville Real Estate Blog.  It covers the period of May, 2008 with inventory figures as of June.  This report is based on MLS data and covers Roseville 95678. Unit Volume Data Units Sold May, 2007 May, 2008 Chan...
This market snapshot covers the period May, 2008 for East Roseville, California (95661).  Reprinted by permission from http://www.rosevillehomesandland.com. Price Data Prices May, 2007 May, 2008 Change Sold Price / Square Foot $229.39 $190.22 -17.08% Average List Price $421,297 $405,650 -3.71% Av...

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