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Oh, Oh, What is that? A signature water stain on a wall or ceiling. Where did it come from? That answer may be elusive. Moisture stains expose themselves in some peculiar places and sometimes not very close to the source of the leak. A homeowners' discovery of any signs of a moisture issue needs ...
Unhurried, careful, thoughtful steps is what it takes to find the property that is right for you. Finding the right home.  Making the offer to buy, after some negotiations, you and the seller have a meeting of the minds, the offer is accepted.  A home inspection is ordered after the offer to buy ...
Do you have water damaged stored items, a musty smell, or a growing stain-like spot(s) in your home? These are indicators of moisture intrusion. The #1  destructive issue to a home and its' contents is moisture intrusion.  Excessive moisture in a home creates an atmosphere that promotes wood rot,...
You want or need to sell your home? Now what? The number one factor in keeping a buyers' interest is the first impression of a home. It goes without saying that an unkempt property will immediately turn off a buyer no matter if you have bread baking in the oven! Buyers are looking for a property ...
A home inspector is your advocate. An inspectors' responsibility is to look out for you. To provide the information so you can make an informed decision when purchasing a home. As a neutral party, an independent inspector should have no financial interest in the sale of the property. Home & build...

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