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I have a buyer i am working with and the selling agent say they owner never lived in the property so he does not have to provide a sellers disclosure. I was under the impression that unless you are the bank or selling a never inhabited dwellin or home, you must always have a sellers disclosure.  ...
Lenders,   Im jason looking to purchas a home for 30-40k and use 30k to rehab it, the after repair value would e 199,000 becuase of it downtown location and redevelopment in the area! I only have on year tax return as a real estate showing i neted 20,000 I have a good credit score and no debt exc...
Remodeling a home and want to know if since i own it as a primary residance , can i just take the shingles off and throw it away or is there a special container or rules about disposing of lead based pain and asbestas!   Jason from Greenville
If any of you know of how to find a lead based paint asseser in Greenville SC, Please let me know!   Or if you have any knowledge of how much it would cost do make sure the home is lead based paint free and asbestos, under normal circumstances I wouldnt tackle such a problem, but the house is in ...
Is there a loop hole for me to get around the two year self employment to get the fhs 203k streamline rehab loan, i have multiple incomes!   I work as a private investigator- self employed Real Estate broker self employed Titanium solutions   My question is if I get another NON self employed job ...
I am looking to buy a home in the Greenville area, And have only been in Real Estate since Oct. 07. I have multiple streams of income from different jobs I currently have other than Real Estate, but i was under the impression I had to be self employed in Real Estate for 2 years before I would qua...
Looking for more more more education and tools to help me become that millionaire agent! Any sites, software or any other tools that may have helped you guys significantly increase business or stay on top of you contact would greatly be appreciated! Also anyone that doesnt mind weekly mentoring t...
Then call your local realtor Jason Robu to get the very best and ethical realtor you can! http://www.trulia.com/city/SC/   Great school info Current market trends Current pricings both listed and sold Also breaks it down by the zip code you are looking to great tool!    
Not sure what details you got but , the property can probably be bought for 30 to 40k. I have had one guy quote me 90k for a total rehab , working on getting a few more quotes! so thats a total investment of 140 at the most,  and at the very min the house would sell for 199,000. But a similiar si...
I have a 2600 sq ft in a very popular area in Greenville sc , the home needs a complete gut! The comps are as follows 3 brand new homes across the street asking 199k house two houses down on same side was renovated and sold for 200k in 2007, one block over on the same street there is a home about...


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