Did you know that, on average, people move 11 times during their lifetimes?Here are some other interesting moving stats provided by U-Haul...  Nearly 45% of all moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 1/3 of people in their 20's move in a given year. 2/3 of movers move locally. 3/4 of mov...
It’s always interesting to see the high and low range of what’s available in any given real estate market, so I thought I’d start a blog series where we take a current market snapshot of some of the most popular communities in the Central Texas Real Estate Market and see how much bang you can get...
Just a quick reminder that if you are a business or property owner in Texas, your 2020 property taxes must be paid in full on or before January 31, 2021 to avoid penalty and interest. The delinquency date is February 1, 2021 and 7% penalty and interest will be added on property accounts with outs...
Interest RatesEconomists expect that interest rates will continue at low levels because of low inflation expectations and the Federal Reserve's current monetary policy. The U.S. economy is projected to register slow growth during 1Q2021 and accelerate afterward due to effects of the vaccinations ...
What better way to recharge your battery than to escape to a local getaway for the day, a weekend or a mid-week retreat?If you love all things mid-century mod or if you’re craving a bit of nostalgia that harkens back to simpler times, here a few recommendations for quaint places with a retro vibe...

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