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My company was recently subject to a scam by a purported vacant landowner in in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Although there were red flags from the start, ultimately the actions of Nassau County were somewhat shocking and worth being aware of.In early October, I received a call from the supposed ow...
Lining up a cash buyer for a fixer-upper? Make sure to properly vet . . .Houses in poor condition, suited for fix-and-flips, often require cash buyers. Banks don’t want to underwrite traditional mortgages with defective collateral, and even government mortgages have habitability requirements. Ste...
Real estate agents can offer quite a few benefits to investors selling fix-and-flips and residential multi-family properties. Since investors evaluate local properties on a daily basis, values and trends aren’t high on my list of needs.  I flip around 8 to 12 houses a year and the majority sold v...
Are you so busy that you can’t get all your work done? Maybe you don’t have to. Connecting with talented individuals across the world to assist your business is simple. Spend 10 minutes on Upwork setting up an account and you will have plenty of help! Upwork is a freelancing platform for individu...
Remarketing to home sellers is a powerful marketing technique. “Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. It allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your websi...
I was talking to a real estate investor last week in the early stages developing a website for home seller leads. He created a fairly large amount of content: blogs, landing pages for cities and topics, testimonial pages, biographies. I asked how do you expect “Google to find all these pages?” Hi...
Don’t Forget Your City Landing Pages . . .Whenever I research search engine optimization, a common refrain is “create a killer piece of content that will go viral!” You can scramble to your computer, create an amazing 2,000 word blog about the various pros and cons of working with realtors target...
Individuals that inherited or will inherit houses are perhaps the most consistently motivated seller group. Although it can be delicate time to pitch home selling services, marketers need to be in front of the best prospects. In any case, I’ve been marketing directly to probate leads for 3 years ...
Wondering why offers from real estate investors seem low? Before casting judgment, consider the "skin in the game"  and risk in buying value add property. I had a conversation with an experienced and successful mortgage broker last weekend.We discussed some of my flip projects in South Florida, p...
Real estate investors, of the “home buyer” ilk, flood new listings with offers. Although a fair offer less than list price sometimes is the only option for an investor (in the case of overpriced listing), the problem is there is an epidemic of “cash buyers” that make offers that they have absolut...

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