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Do you use Direct Mail? How have your results been? You can improve your ROI by understanding the structure and reasoning behind direct mail that you may be missing. Learn the inside scoop on how to improve your results with this Blog by Travis Batting of
Postcard marketing is still is one of the most affordable methods to speak to your audience. It is only successful when it is planned properly and has to do with the 3 key ingredients.  It's like a 3 legged stool, take a leg and it falls.  Those 3 ingredients are(and I'd like your feedback on thi...
  National Do Not Call List To Shift to Direct Mail & Postcard Marketing Postcard Marketing Group aims to emerge to off direct marketing from your desktop and track your ROI Thunder Bay November 9 - September 30th 2008 was a day to mark on the Calender for many telemarketing companies across the ...
Sick of being washed out in realtor magazines with all other listings? Still need to get the word out about house listings? Like Direct mail's effectiveness about being seen without other realtor clutter? Find it a bit pricey? Why not group together with yoru office and send out a mailer?  It's y...
Hey everyone,Just wanted to let everyone know that our new direct mail(postcard Marketing) catalog is now online1)download it2)view it online   Enjoy Travis
You have been invited by Travis Batting to join a live Community Call. BOOST Your Business with Power Marketing (Join in) Host: EasyMailMaker - Episode: EPISODE3 - How to start Postcard Marketing Campaign Learn the steps to start a postcard marketing campaign to ...
In Under 10 Minutes, Businesses Can Now Create, Deliver, and Track Their Direct Mail From Their Desktop With Postcard Marketing Group's New Interactive Website A “Business is competitive these days with large multi million dollar companies eating a lot of market share. It's our job to help small ...
I just wanted to share with everyone that I finally made it onto Itunes   Here's the link I made it into Itunes!!  Listen to my podcast and subscribe.  Please write a positive review for me as it will really boost my ratings.  Podcasting is a great way to increase your knowledge of whatever topic...
I wanted to show everyone a really neat tool that might trigger ideas for realtors. You can help educate your clients on real estate investing books, home decor books, staging, mortgage ideas, etc You monitor what you want to provide in your store AND you can make a commission on the sales. This ...
I wanted to share this with everyone as it's a really neat way I found for other realtors to be able to add that personal touch to their web-site. I just signed up for the free trial and thought others might be interested.
06/19/2008 We've been hard at work and the release of our new direct marketing web-site is fast approaching.  Our official release date is next week but I wanted to write and share some interesting points that I've learnt of the last few months.   Keep it Simple. There is so much clutter ...


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