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The first quarter is almost over and here is where we stand on prices. I thought it might be interesting to pass the market stats for Manhattan Sales. Average listing prices : Studios $636,942 One Bedrooms $938,994 Two Bedrooms $1,703,963 Three Bedrooms $3,229,273  The address everyone seems to w...
Tenant Law.  Let me first state that I am not a lawyer and can offer no legal advice.  But what I will offer is a few tips on keeping the peace between you and the landlord.  The information below pertains to normal buildings and not disputed properties that are under undue distress to get rid of...
For the few and the proud (about 8+ million in all) who live in the urban jungle of Manhattan there are many costs involved in renting and owning. The biggest price of admission is provable income. Unlike the mortgage debacle with "Stated" Incomes, Landlords in Manhattan want to see hard valid st...
Happy New Year!  Get out the checkbooks, your going to need them. I won't rehash the article, just check out the link below.MANHATTAN DEFIES $LUMPAll I will say is that Apartment prices are going INSANE.  If the new planned Columbia expansion happens, watch out! If you own property up that way it...
Well it is once again the end of the year and residential rental prices find themselves at all time highs in every borough. I went to find a one bedroom on the East Side / Upper East Side for a client who's price point was $1500.  Not until 116th and 2nd ave. did I find anything close to what she...
I did an open house for this property this weekend. This is really a nice one bedroom. High ceilings, huge double stacked closet and and pretty good working kitchen space round out this Upper East Side (mid 80's) Apartment.     
So what will $1900 get you in New York this week? As always check out for the latest rental deals. Or a Upper 60's West Side (block off the park) Studio   or in Washington Heights / Inwood you can get a 3 bedroom apartment and in West Harlem it will rent you a 1 bedro...
The first of the month is here and the inventory is starting to fill up.  There are some great deals in Inwood New York right now like a gut rehabbed Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom unit close to the train and great local atmosphere for $1000 to $1300 a month.  If your looking on the Upper East Side don'...
Enough picking on people, lets leard the leson of the week, Fill up the frame with the home.Notice here we see the house, the carport, the lawn etc  all in a nice tidy frame.    Let the lesson begin...Besides color correction :) Fill The frame up with the house,I dont think the car and the garbag...
Today the King of Real Estate Photography is not beating up on agents with little photo skills, I'm coming off the top rope  and body slamming the Agent who says... "I just Don't Give a Shit About Being a Real Estate Agent" This just defies description... I'm actually at a loss for words...  Rule...

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