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Divorce and Separation Listings Copyright (c) 2012, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team Listing agents are often contacted by spouses evaluating selling their home while discussing resolving their marital difficulties via separation or divorce. In such circumstances the agent needs to remember to be focused...
Kitchens by Ana(sm) Buys Single Family Pool Project Home with GOLD Team Copyright (c) 2012, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team Heart of the Homes: Kitchens by Ana(sm) is dedicated to delivering beautifully renovated homes to the most affordable areas of northern Virginia.  Ana incorporates the finest stand...
Hardwood in Northern Virginia Bedrooms Not Copyright (c) 2012, Deanna and Jim's GOLD Team The buyer was a flooring installation expert.  Having just purchased a trashed townhome in a low income area one of his first decisions was to install hardwood flooring throughout the two-level townhome (exc...
Kitchens by Ana(sm) Buys Another NVA Project Home with the GOLD Team Copyright (c) 2012, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team Heart of the Home: Kitchens by Ana(sm) has contracted to purchase another town home for rehabilitation in Manassas's vibrant Georgetown South community! Ana is dedicated to bringing t...
When Would a Lender Refer a Short-Seller to an Agent? Copyright (c) 2012, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team "Riddle me this, Batman.  When would a loan officer refer a client to a real estate agent for help with a short sale?" Obviously short sales normally leave the short-seller not in a position to imme...
Don't Rent Those Extra Rooms on a Handshake! Copyright (c) 2012, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team Those extra rooms over the garage or in the basement weren't doing anything for you. And that acquaintance who needed somewhere to stay for a few weeks seemed nice enough. So when they asked if you would tak...
Investor Guide: Why Your (Non-Manager) Real Estate Agent Can't Help You Evict That Tenant Copyright (c) 2012, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team Multiple times a year landlords seeking to re-rent or sell an investment property occupied by a no-longer-desired tenant ask us if we can help evict the tenant. W...
Investor's Guide: Why to Enclose Your Flips/Rentals in an LLC or Corporation Copyright (c) 2012, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team Investing in residential real estate activities offers a way to put part of your assets to work in a different asset class than precious metals, commodities, currency futures,...
Investor's Guide: Gross Rent Multiplier Copyright (c) 2012, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) is a simple, but complicated-sounding tool used by many landlords for swift initial evaluation of a potential residential real estate opportunity. GRM is simply the purchase price of t...

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Master negotiators: 550+ transactions last 12 years. 150+ bank-owned transactions 2007-13. Short sales listed, under contract, and buyer offers pending. First time buyer & investor specialists. MBA, MSE, MA Psychology.