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How does Short Sales and REO properties affect you? As a real estate professional in this market, I will tell you that Short Sale and REO properties are a real threat in this market. Prior to selling a property, sellers will meet with a Realtor to discuss pricing and strategy.   The Realtor will ...
Short sales...a short story,  Fact vs. Myth Being a real estate professional in this turbulent market since 1999, many changes have come and gone...but, if I had a dollar for every time I heard a client say, "well, the bank just wants to get rid of this property".....when they speak of short sale...
Help....I have two separate properties, both trailers that have had the wheels removed and are on permanent foundations....also, the ground is owned by the "new buyer" ground rent....great, huh....affordable...yes...But, guess what....I can't get financing for either.....One especially as ...
I want to wish all the Mothers out there a happy Mother's Day....I believe it is the number one hardest, most challenging job on the market today!  So, congratulations on all of those success stories today....It's about time that we celebrate the good news.   As a participant in this real estate ...
In expectation for this week to be the busiest of the I sit blogging on Active Rain....which is fine....but, why am I not out showing houses to some buyers that understand that there are only days left til the well runs dry........The one hot question I get is, "do you think they'l...
  I am listing a property right now in a condo development....."condo" is the optimum word.  The whole development never had an FHA funded settlement, and, it's one of the most affordable selections in the school district!  The property manager insists that the development will never be an FHA a...
I have been turned on to the USDA loans, which is known widely as the old "farmer's home loans" of yesterday.  These loans do come with restrictions.  The location of the property has to be an approved site as dictated by the USDA.  There are income limits as outlined on the USDA site.  But, if y...
I must tell you that when I hear realtors in the market make statements like "I am choosing not to participate in the recession", it really makes me nuts.  I think I may share the same sentiments as many of my fellow realtors by saying, "neither do we".  And, the majority of us are still trying t...
I happened to be in a "final required" continuing ed class for the DE 4/30/09 deadline!   I was sitting there trying to behave myself, when, some smart Alick piped up about some superstar in their office.....this rock star was really pushing the "first time" home buyer's $8000 tax credits.....she...
Boy, I've done everything short of getting the Mummers to hold a parade in front of my listings!  Newspaper ads don't do the trick anymore!  Open houses produce traffic, but unqualified traffic.   Although, I have sold two houses from an open house......What are some of your ideas?

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