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The house in these photos was a very nice house, but my seller needed to get top dollar because he had to move before he had much equity. I had to pull out a grand slam. The interior of the home was awesome, but the exterior needed a face lift. He fought me on the red door, but I convinced him. I...
In my book there's only one way to enter a home with buyers: through the front door.  It always amazes me when we have to go around back or through the door that comes in by the basement stairs. Even worse, through the garage. What kind of an impression does that make?A home-seller should always ...
                                                     As President of the Western Michigan Chapter of the Women's Council of Realtors, I am excited to announce that Pat Vredevoogd Combs, National Association of President will be joining us at our November meeting.As Pat's home chapter, of which sh...
You know the old carpenter's addage: Measure twice, cut once?Same thing holds true with blogging!  My apologies for the obvious hic cups my keyboard seems to have had on the title of my post on Short Sales!!  It turned out to say Sshortsaleshortsales....That tops my normal typographical errors by...
  We take a lot for granted as real estate professionals.  We think that a name implies specifically what something is...and of course that's not the case, and we should be taken to task onit whenever we use jargon a seller doesn't understand.   When I have mentioned "short sales" to people in ca...
This blog will serve two purposes! Restaurant Review and Story of a Successful Referral Sale and Happy Client THE RESTAURANT PARTLast evening I was out at the Bonefish Grill in Grand Rapids, Michigan, engaging in one of my favorite activities: eating. If you've never been to a Bonefish Grill (the...

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