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Hello Active Rain FriendsImagine waking up, go to your computer and open your email, and find motivated seller leads in your area,  commissions just waiting to be made. Watchi this video where i explain how this is possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jqo_xbkATso  
I developed a website : www.needtosellmyhousefast.com, this is my lead generator, every day people found my website on googleand submit their information, after this, we let them know that the next step will be a local investor will contact them to make an offer, this is why these are motivated s...
The St. Joseph Payer to Sell a House is said to help homeowners expedite the sale of their home. This Catholic tradition dictates that it's words should be recited every day, and a statue of St Joseph is to be  buried in the ground of the house until the house is sold.Prayer and Tradition of Sain...
Selling your property can be very challenging, especially when you need to find a buyer in the shortest time possible. Many real estate specialists advise that the best way to go about it is to list your house on a reliable real estate website. Here are some of the websites to consider when you w...
When you are trying to sell a house, you will need pictures for marketing. Many lazy agents take outdated pictures they find on the internet (often taken by the previous agent), or worse they will just take screenshots off of Google Maps' aerial and street views screenshots instead of taking prop...
If you are thinking of selling your house, you'll probably want start by doing some research to get an idea of how much your house is worth. However, the valuation of your house is not an automated fixed process as even the professional appraisers sometimes may differ on the monetary value of a h...
Believe it or not, if you looking into the etymological source of the word "Mortgage, you will find it is derived from a French word “mort-gage”, which literally means death-pledge. Mort: Death | Gage: Pledge French peasants were forced to to work until the day they died for the privilege of own...
There is an old age adage that goes-beauty is just skin deep. Most of those who work productively and earn more are sexy and attractive. Good looking persons are known to negotiate great deals for their companies than their counterparts who are deemed to be less attractive. This also holds water ...
Applying for a short sale is usually the last resort homeowners have when they have fallen behind in their mortgage payments and are about to experienced foreclosure. In a short sale procedure, sellers put up the home for sale for less than they are indebted. Usually, banks do not allow you to se...
We offer great property management services. In case you own a property where you are being disturbed every now and then due to defaulting tenants, then you need to call us. We are able to help you in avoiding evictions where we will ensure that all the tenants in your property are able to pay th...

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