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Tuscaloosa Real Estate MLS   February 2009 Real Estate Statistics # of Homes Sold: 83  New Const Sold: 24% (20 Homes) Condos Sold: .01% (1 Units)  Condos Active: 14% (253 Units)Ave Days on Market: 152  Avg Selling Price: $184,344 Median Selling Price: $145000# of Homes on Market: 1803  New Const....
I just finished an article on ( and it was No Job? Can't Refinance?  How to Talk to Your Bank.  I felt that it was very good however there are a few other options it didn't go over.   As a Realtor i feel that everyone should know as many options as possibl...
While average home prices in the US fell 8.2%, Tuscaloosa had a rise in prices of 4.84%.  Robert Brooks, an economics and finance professor at the University of Alabama, contributed the housing market to the areas diversity of industry and fiscally well-run local government.  "Look at the financi...
Tuscaloosa Real Estate MLS   January 2009 Real Estate Statistics # of Homes Sold: 77  New Const Sold: 25% (19 Homes) Condos Sold: 0% (0 Units)  Condos Active: 14% (248 Units)Ave Days on Market: 123  Avg Selling Price: $144,591  Median Selling Price: $131,000# of Homes on Market: 1769  New Const. ...
According to data from U.S. bankruptcy courts and compiled by bankruptcy data firm Automated Access to Court Electronic Records there were more than 1 million filings in the United States in 2008 -- the most since a rewrite of bankruptcy laws went into effect in 2005. Chapter 7 allows people to d...
Freddie Mac is implementing a new plan this month to offer leases to those households who loose their home to foreclosure.   They fell by doing this they will keep many empty homes off the market which further depress the housing market and pushes home prices further down.  They also feel that ke...
Tuscaloosa Real Estate MLS   December 2008 Real Estate Statistics # of Homes Sold: 109  New Const Sold: 20% (22 Homes) Condos Sold: 2.8% (03 Units)  Condos Active: 14% (240 Units)Ave Days on Market: 124  Avg Selling Price: $170,158 Median Selling Price: $145,000# of Homes on Market: 1770  New Con...
I was on one of my favorite website, and i noticed an article and after spending a few minutes reading it makes perfect sense.   The link to the article is When times are good Billy is selling you all sorts of products that you don't really need, from...
Ok so we closed on friday, the sellers didn't move out until sunday.  The contract stated that the sellers get the carpet professionally cleaned.   I received a call late today from the buyers realtor stating that the carpet was damp when he moved in but it didn't look professionally cleaned.  My...
I want some other peoples opinion on this.  I mean I know what mine is, I would just like someone else's prospective.

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