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Never miss those opportunities to say goodbyeHad a nice visit with my friend Dr T today, who just got back from Iowa where he visited with his 95 year old mother last week.Now he is heading back down there today to say a final good bye as she passed away on Monday. He is fortunate that he did tak...
Part of the reason why I always have part of my crew sticking close to home to keep an eye on things, and something we all need to be very vigilant in preventing. See the video at the end for ways to prevent this fraud        Image credit: digitalart, Are you planning a vaca...
If you appreciate someone, let them know"Everyone wants to be appreciated. So if you appreciate someone, don't keep it a secret."-- Mary Kay Ash, EntrepreneurHappy Monday everyone!I was happy to see this quote in an email from Brian Tracy last night and though it was far too important to not shar...
Excellent post Chad, you answer this often asked question very well and I agree on all three points. There I was sitting in a room with people with the title of leader. These leaders are getting ready to work with others that also have a title of leader. This made me ask the question, what makes ...
Belated Happy Hanukkah!The Festival of Lights started a few weeks ago and I regret that I forgot to wish my Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah.For some reason I was thinking that this wonderful holiday came later in the month, and it often does which is why I did not look up the exact date until ton...
Do You Know what Christmas is All About? Linus Does!In today’s world where so many try to push God out our schools, government, towns, cities and our country, I worry that too many people forget what Christmas is all about. Christmas is not about Santa Claus and his 9 flying reindeer. Christmas i...
I knew that grease was a problem, but the other were news to me. Thanks Cheri! Ask any sewer repair company and they will agree that grease is a major cause of clogged pipes. Think about it, grease is liquid when hot but when it cools it congeals.  It does that in the pipes too (and inside your ...
Operation Bootstrap Donation Trees at Stevens Point Area ChurchesHave you noticed in all of the Churches around Stevens Point the Christmas trees with the brightly colored pieces of paper with works like Diapers, Wipers, Canned goods, toiletries, gloves, scarves, hats, etc?These are suggestions o...
Natures Beauty, Big Bucks and Top Quality Forests, Oneida County Wisconsin   Oneida County is in the heart of tourist country in Northeastern Wisconsin, and there is a reason why the tourists flock here.  Superior beauty, ample wildlife, and great forestland.It is a great place to raise timber an...
Excellent post Michael, and I can identify with most of these points, I did not know until now that builders leave some of these holes as "green building features" until now.   What Should I Do, I Have An Animal In My Attic?     I recently had a real learning experience ...


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