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Event Management is the Key to Time Management We all strive to fit far more into a day than is possible yet we all struggle with the limitation of a 24 hour day.  We can lobby God for a longer day, give up essentials like sleep and family time or we can learn to manage the time that we do have....
Pro's Practice, Are You an Amateur or a Professional?While cruising through my email today an email from Jared James caught my eye, an email talking about a video that he shot for an article in Realtor Magazine on quick scripts.In his video he talks about how a professional not only has a script ...
Sounds like another great pearl from Richie, thank you for putting this essential wisdom out into the world my friend! Young boys, adults and undeveloped grown males may not be running at full potential simply because of the rite of passage not being handled correctly as is the case in the majori...
Attitude Makes All The Difference; Zig Ziglar  Zig Ziglar - Attitude Makes All The Difference Get rid of stinkin thinkin to really make a change in your life! My lovely wife Sally and I took a trip to Dallas shortly before Zig passed on to attend the Born to Win conference with the Ziglars and ma...
Trees can be a very valuable asset, we have done some tree appraisals that added up to far more than the value of the lot.  Wise choice to keep as many as possible of those that would not be disturbing the home.   Should I Save The Trees On The Building Lot For My New Cu...
Not wanting to work this week says a lot about why you are still working at Walmart or some other low paying job. In a free market economy everyone will receive the pay and recognition that they earn.  If their current employer is not paying enough then someone will steal them away and pay them m...
I just discovered Frans blog recently, and I am inspired every time that I stop by here, I hope all of you are too.  Fran Gaspari    God’s work is ORDER AND PEACE, The Evil One’s work is DISARRAY AND CONFUSION...   Explained clearly and in ONE WORD: GOD=CREATION...SATAN=DESTRUCTION...YET...   We ...
Black Friday means Red Ink for many and Homelessness for some.  Last year about this time I wrote the blog post below to voice my displeasure with the excess buying of stuff we don't need at the expense of the things that we do need like food and a home. Clearly many did not read my blog, bought...
Here are some excellent questions to help you through some tough decisions.  Thanks William.   6 Questions to ask when you’re making a tough decision 1. What option would I choose if I knew I would definitely succeed? 2. What would I do if I didn’t feel scared? 3. Who can I talk to who’s been in ...
Happy Thanksgiving !I have a lot to be thankful today and always, God has truely blessed me with many gifts.Most importantly the gift of knowing that God is always with me, always helping with what He knows that I need and surrounding me with many people who make my life complete.I was blessed to...

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