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To Tweet or Not to Tweet      When I first started with twitter years ago, I used it for staying up to date on worldly news. and casual chit chat.  Overtime, I realized the value in retweeting and responding to other tweets.  A simple note to say "thanks for the follow and let me know if you ever...
Cleansing for Success For many of us, life is like a race. Our daily routines and schedules are so packed full we never take time for ourselves to focus on health, wellness, and exercise. About 45 days ago I started a cleanse. This was not a traditional cleanse where you starve yourself and you d...
There are many theories about how to plan for your retirement. One I have taken on personally is to make a goal for myself to implement new proven strategies to make passive income.Try to make a goal for yourself this year to build and expand your real estate nest egg. Once you purchase your prop...

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