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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
What makes you the best agent your prospects could choose? How is your service better than the service they’d receive from one of your competitors? You do need to know the answer.Otherwise, you won’t be able to convey it to your prospects.I’ve learned that many agents do not know, and in fact man...
Better prospecting letters – or anything else – begins with good grammar, combined with correct spelling.But I harp about that – and about proofreading – all the time. Today is about the content.If you want to write better prospecting letters to attract real estate clients…Begin by realizing that...
Yes, we're already 1/12 of the way through 2021, but it's never too late to create a good habit.Commit to “Working when you work.” “Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a ...
You’ve heard it said that “anyone can write,” and that’s fairly accurate. “Anyone” can also post what they write on line and pretend to be an expert on the given topic.Unfortunately, that’s how some unsuspecting agents end up using prospecting letters that are apt to do them more harm than good.A...
If your email is anything like mine, it is filled with headlines the writers believe will draw you in and make you click their links. I believe they’re called “click bait.”There are two things wrong with their thinking.One is that we are becoming sick and tired of these overused words. What words...
Two words that are routinely misused when the speaker/writer is trying to sound proper and sophisticated are “myself” and “whom.” MyselfI don’t know, but I suspect the problem with “myself” has something to do with people trying to avoid saying “I” or “me.” Or, it could just be that "myself" soun...
This morning a gentleman who uses my prospecting letters mentioned where he used to purchase letters. He had found me when he was looking for something better. Because I'm always curious about my competition, I visited their website and read some samples. Now I know why he was looking for somethi...
Where have the share buttons gone? Is it just my computer or are they missing everywhere?  At first I thought my Wordpress had updated and done away with them, but I also have none here or on any of the articles I've read on line today. Do YOU have share buttons?
Back in June everyone had disappearing posts. Now, I have just one. I don't recall the date, but I wrote a post entitled "The favor of a reply." It was all about people not having the courtesy to respond when they've requested something and you've sent it - even after you've asked them to let you...
Have you noticed? Advice for first time buyers often includes a warning to start early and "repair your credit." I see it in articles, and yesterday I saw it in a series of letters offered with a CRM system. Isn't asuming that they have poor credit a good way to alienate potential clients? It sur...


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