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John Tuccillo was the chief economists for the National Association of REALTORS for 12 years.  John retired a few years ago.  I love John Tuccillo and always enjoyed reading his economic forecasts.  I like reading his comments and predictions because they are easy to follow and simply written. At...
Dear Client, I have thought long and hard about my year end letter to you. I know a big part of my job is educating Buyer and Seller to make the best decision within the market they are given.  I give my best advice, and you have the final vote.  Most decisions this year have been tuff to make! S...
A few weeks ago, a Buyer couple requested to view a local Door County condominium development.  When I asked how they had obtained my name, they told me that they had called some unit owners and the unit owners had recommended me. After being in the business for 25 years, I can usually select fiv...
Yesterday a friend in real estate asked me to stop by as he wanted to chat so I did. He'd listed an Open House for REALTORS, one of many.  As usual, no one showed up to view the product.  George was discouraged.  We spoke for well over an hour about the lack of focus most REALTORS have on learnin...
Pre Qualification/ Pre Approval  After 25 years in this business and consistently selling more than anyone else (I say this not to brag, but to make a point), I am always amazed TIME after TIME to receive offers from REALTORS who have NO idea if the buyer is qualified. So, when I receive an Offer...
Last month I spoke about designations, this month I will speak about how dollars really matter. When you interview a REALTOR for hire, make sure you ask them how many properties they sold in the last 4 years.  Then, follow up the question with this next question:  May I please see the list and I ...
What do all those initials after my name mean?  Basically they are designations I've attained by leaving the office, sometimes for a week at a time, to improve myself educationally. When I obtained my GRI (Graduate, REALTORS Institute) and my CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designations, I...
I've considered writing a Blog but until recently, I really didn't know what to say or what topic to address. Since I began selling real estate (25+ years ago), I've always kept in contact with my customers and clients by mailing value added pieces to them consistently every month of every year. ...

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