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"What's your MAX LTV?"I get that all day, every day. Everyone wants more leverage and less risk. The Borrower bases their financing decisions on the answers they get to questions they ask while loan shopping.But what are they really asking for?-LTV = loan to value: The amount of the loan compared...
Seems hard money lenders are popping up like mushrooms.Reminds me of the subprime boom 2001-2006, withhundreds of lenders competing to fund non-prime deals. Subprime has a bad name now, so 'hard money' seems to be the catch all phrase of the moment. It covers hard money, subrime and dirty alt-A.S...
Fix and Flip RATES DROPPED FOR CALIFORNIA TODAY. Too much cash, not enough deals. It's a good time to be a flipper!We have seen a tremendous influx of capital of late. Rates have responded, and we are now 2+% lower than a year ago. More buying power is pushing us to fund bigger deals or a much hi...
"Where's my next deal coming from?"As a Hard Money Broker, I speak with hundreds of house flippers annually, and in our age of unlimited high LTV funding, inventory is now our key concern. Seems only yesterday we were twising arms for one off deals for 65%LTV purchase-only money.Off-market invent...
Follow the money! It's my pleasure to introduce you to the hottest Hard Money trends and products.During the past several years the focus of my practice has shifted from distressed property bailouts and buyouts (divorce, probate, partnerships) to urban infill re-development. Last year, fix and fl...


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