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Is There Any Body Out There?   Hey You!   Comfortably Numb   With all of the financial woes that the news media is broadcasting it is easy to get caught up on a certain point of view. Here is one that is a little more optimistic   Financing     Getting the money to buy a new home is available. Do...
5 Reasons Why Joining A Private Club Is Like Owning A Pet! A pet has these responsibilities: You have to feed it You have to walk it You have to clean up after it You have to train it You have to love and nurture it Being a member at a private club has these responsibilities: You have to be prepa...
Most people looking for homes today will start by looking on the Internet. I believe the latest numbers from is that over 70% of home buyers search for a home on the Internet before they contact an agent. What I want to tell you "the 1st time home buyer" is how the buyers agent helps ...
Some would say September 7, 2008 will be marked as one of the "Biggest Government Bail Out's" in American history. There are plenty of articles out there talking about what has happened and what will happen to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to shore up the stability of the housing market. The questi...
Buying your first home can elicit many feelings; Excitement, Joy, Happiness, Elation, Wonder, Anticipation, Stress and Regret. Not always in that order.   When our feelings control our thoughts which in turn control our beliefs,it eventually becomes the truth.   This major purchase will be one of...

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