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At a recent sales meeting, a mortgage company discussed some of the difficulties they had come across in lending.  (Names and companies are being changed.) This is what was said: A gentleman was applying for a mortgage for a home he intended to purchase.  The home, accurately priced, was around 2...
I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop in Chicago on memory training.  My original thought in going to this was to help me remember names of people I had met and worked with.  How many of you have met someone, gotten their name, and then as soon as the handshake was over... POOF!!  T...
I'm sure that we have all been in a situation where we didn't know the answer to a question or just needed help.  Whether we are caught off guard or put into an awkward spot, it happens.  So what do you do?  There are generally two ways to deal with such a dilemma. 1.  Tell them that you will get...

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