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When was the last time that we saw a tsunami of people get behind a cause in this great country? I saw it in Chicago at the Greenbuild Convention in November of '07. It was breathtaking. Interestingly enough, President Clinton was the keynote speaker, and he was far from breathtaking; he was unfo...
Rain harvesting, to the typical American urban dweller, is a new green idea. The country folk of Texas, New Mexico, Latin America and the rest of the world don't need a treatise on such notion, or an internet link to a water harvesting tank with special features. Water harvesting is back, and, as...
Last week in overly chilly Chicago, around 24,000 + devotees of building green gathered for the USGBC's Greenbuild Conference and Expo. I had never attended such a large conference, but will not miss the '08 one in Boston. I met people from Mexico and South America, heard foreign languages and sa...
"Hola mi amor.? Que hay de nuevo?" The sweet telephone words of a mother that cares: "Hello my love, what is new in your life?" It's the caring voice of my mother who lives 3000 miles away, in a country by the sea, where crops have a season, where the earth is strained and stretched to its limits...
We are experiencing a massive societal movement towards environmental consciousness. This movement has different faces to it, including Hollywood and the fashion industry, who make up their own definition of green, and brand their interpretation of sustainability. This has given rise to a new con...
My daughter is off to college. How about that? I mean, how do I feel about that? I mean, how do I feel about my home being incomplete without her? My emotions range from "finally!" to "she can't grow up without me". College is the future, university our kids new home. I had the fortune to come to...
How clueless we can be about the world that surrounds us? I'm not even talking about comparative global politics, I'm just referring to the things that are placed before us to consume. When my first baby was born, I refused to buy into the new generation of baby bottles. Do you remember the plast...
Tank-less water heaters are the rage. In the mind of homeowners, replacing the 40 gallon tank with a tank-less is a simple step to take towards the greening of a home. It's simple in concept, particularly when you who have traveled abroad, and have noticed that they are the status quo in Europe, ...
The environmental movement is hot. It is  not as hot as the steel mega-bullets that the transformer that blew up behind my house yesterday sent flying like meteors into yards and houses, setting off mini fires. So how hot is it really, and why should the average Jose be paying attention? Mark the...
It is noble to be considering the move into the Generation E. Generation X is a thing of the past...something to do with young people. Says who? I say so. I've never heard of Generation E, but mark my words, you read it from my blog first: the Generation E -E for environment- has little to do wit...

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