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I wrote a blog entry yesterday about setting up a tax free retirement for yourself. Here is part one of a radio interview with the author of the book. They go into how using investment grade life insurance can provide you with: Tax free growth Tax free retirement income Tax free money for your fa...
    Us small business owners are on our own as far as planning for retirement goes. I am an independent insurance agent. Most of you are real estate professionals. No pensions for us.  Did you know you have a partner if you have an IRA, 401k, SEP or other tax qualified plan? Yep. that partner is ...
If I try a product and it realy works I like to tell people about it. In my spare time I coach girls softball. So there is alot of standing. About 5 years ago I started getting really bad back pain after a while. My shoulders would get tight and my lower back would really hurt. So I would have my...
I help people with different retirement planning issues. Last week a good client of mine passed away. I am now meeting with the widow and laying out a gameplan for her retirement income needs without her husband. In hindsight I should have been more proactive with them. Here's why. She is complet...
The U.S. labor force is made up of approximately 47% women. BUT less that 1/3rd of women across the U.S. have life insurance. (US Dept of Labor)  
Before you do anything else. Click this link and watch the short 1:35 YouTube video. It's me with a brief introduction. WORKSHOP: New Retirement Account Will Change The Way We Approach Investing The cell phone changed the way we communicate. The automobi...
Do You Ever Feel Like A Penguin Jumping In The Mouth Of A Killer Whale... When It Comes To Investing Your Retirement Money? This months workshop will discuss strategies and some myths about making your money last through 20-30 years of retirement. According to MSN MONEY figuring out the right wi...
Hi. It's Carl. This is my own story about why I switched my own health insurance to an HSA health plan. I thought you might find it helpful. Or you may know someone who might find it helpful. I'm self employed. Back in August my health insurance premiums went up to $305 per month (It's an individ...
I just enjoyed a Punch Rothchild Double Maduro. I had a glass of Bookers Bourbon and a glass of Evan Williams 1792. They were both real nice, but I tell you the Bookers is REALLY good bourbon. Any good Scotch or beer rec's?
Supreme Court Justices serve a LONNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG time. They also can have a tremendous impact on our lives. Whomever gets elected in 2 weeks, we can vote out in 4 years. But the judges they appoint will be with us for a generation if not longer. An Obama presidency and a Democratic majority in...


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