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Kelly is the Internet Concierge for a local Colorado Springs builder, Campbell Homes. She is actively involved in the Home Building market and enjoys talking about it to EVERYONE! She loves to help people find the right home but more enjoyable is working with Realtors. Befriending the Real Estate professionals in Colorado Springs and elsewhere is a fun job to have and certainly a perk of the job, well that and she gets to write about Real Estate and Housing all day! If you would like to know more about Campbell Homes and the New Homes that they build in Colorado Springs, please visit us online at Or to contact Kelly directly please email her at
I can't tell you how many people ask me how I can keep up with all my online social networking sites, and I wonder why everyone thinks it so time consuming. The hardest part about social networking is getting started. You can't just set up an account invite everyone you can and then leave it alon...
Getting to know you... Remember when you were younger, you know BEFORE email and you got something in the mail that was NOT a bill. A birthday card, a little note from grandma, maybe your mom and dad sent you a card telling you thy missed you while you were away in college. Do you remember how th...
I see it all the time, a division between Realtors and builder reps. Bad blood you could say. It's like a family feud up in here and I have had enough! I LOVE working with Realtors! I was a new home consultant for 2 years and now I do the internet marketing for a local Colorado Springs Builder an...
Are you still a little bit confused about the new tax credit and how it compares to the old one? Allow me to help break it down for you: For more information about the new tax credit or for resources you can give to your clients chack out
  Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder that its about time to be setting our clocks forward once again. Saturday night will be your best bet so you will be ready to go on Sunday the 8th! Speaking of springing forward my company has been seeing some spring action with leads coming in and sales ...
I I want to know what home means to you! Feel free to post here on this activerain blog your thoughts and photos that express what home is to you. They say that home is where the heart is but you know home means something different to everyone! For me its wherever my friends and family are, it’s ...
Recently a local Real Estate agent was called by a prospective client to show a home in woodland park. The said prospect talked the agent into have lunch with him. They took his car to the restaurant. As the agent went to the ladies room the prospect slipped her some roofies. She came back to the...
Talking to my friend Laurel the other day she made an excellent point... Follow up is what makes the difference before AND after the sale. Laurel had stated that she had purchased her first Nissan from a dealership in Pueblo (she lives in Colorado Springs) about 7 years ago. The sales man (Bob) w...
I was enjoying a sushi dinner last night with a couple of my girl friends when the topic of home buying came up. One of the ladies had mentioned that she was thinking about purchasing a new home but was leaning more on the side of renting for another year to "save up some money". "Why?" I asked....

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