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Welcome to our beautiful France - travel with us to the hidden corners and the most beautiful houses.
New Ryanair route Ryanair started a new route on April 1 from London Stansted to Strasbourg. Often overlooked as a place to visit in France, Strasbourg has great wines and great beers, and you will find both German and French cuisine. There is a wonderful 12th Century cathedral and a beautiful c...
Hello from Normandy or Normandie and Hello from Brittany or Bretagne.. I am confused now, help !!!   Being Dutch from origin and hence happy with my language skills (nothing snotty here :-) ) I find myself now in a terrible agonizing conflict of interests. The French language is beautiful - the l...
The department of Creuse in the Limousin region has the lowest average prices in the whole of France, so what is it like and what do you get for your money? The department is located in the northern most area of the Limousin region. It occupies a geographically central position in the country, be...
While enjoying a fantastic lazy sunday we were once again treated with a superb Arc-en-Ciel, a rainbow, over the Andelle Valley, where I live. So you will probably think "so what", but I live in the Andelle Valley, near Rouen in Normandie, France. The Andelle Valley starts in the overflow of the ...

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DREAM-HOMES... THEY STILL EXIST… The feeling of wellbeing, with family , friends, a couple or all alone... The Small and Dedicated Team of TERRES DE FRANCE, firmly installed in your own favorite area and speaking your language, are these people. They are in love with France and have adopted the country for many years. You can count on them for everything and from beginning to end. Give yourself the luxury of trust, and let life begin.