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Cosy country house near the Normandy Coast in France The department of the MANCHE in Normandy, France is one of the most precious areas of France, with a wide range of history and captivating nature. We are talking D-Day beaches, chateaux, rolling countrysides and fair weather. And we just happen...
Best Summer Festivals in France 2013 Our choice of the best summer festivals throughout France this year to suit all ages, tastes and budgets.   Southern France Aude, Carcassonne: Festival de Carcassonne, 19th June to 4th August - One of the biggest annual cultural events in France, with over 10...
Knowledge and Passion about houses for sale in France Knowledge and Passion, our "Maître-Môt" that lays the foundation for our agency working throughout France. A well trained and passionate team, based in the most searched for regions of France, is ready to answer your questions.   Knowledge and...
This blogpost just goes to the core of our business - we are dealing with people who sell a major asset, but always with a cause outside the "selling-scope". It may not even apply only to the seniors..  Congratulations on this compasionate post ! HOW CAN WE REDUCE THE EMOTIONAL STRESS FOR A SENIO...
Summer Project in France : A New Fence Summer is an ideal time to tackle outdoor renovation projects. From driveway paving to sidewalk repair, the fair weather can be an ideal time to not only enjoy the outdoors, but take some time to improve the curb appeal and value of your home. One common out...
I Dream a Dream … Welcome to Normandy, France Posted by Terres de France - Estate agents  I Dream a Dream … Welcome to Normandy, France Every once in a while we need to dream. Dream about a new life, a new beginning and all it’s possibilities. Dreams make us who we are, a dream gives us energy.. ...
How to make sure that the Carpets are included in the sale… There is no clear definition of ‘fixtures’ and ‘fittings’ in French property law, and the issue can sometimes be a sensitive one between buyer and seller. It is surprising how frequently the final decision on the sale of a property worth...
Leaf Prints from Rusty Nails           Leaf Prints from Rusty Nails – new creativity from Normandy, France.   These leaf prints are really detailed and fairly easy to do, but you do have to wait a week for the rusty nails to react with the vinegar.   I actually read about this in a childrens maga...
Managing visits from friends and family - Especially when you have moved to France. Within mere minutes of settling into your new home in France you are likely to have friends and family getting in touch, asking when they can come and visit. Although seeing them is always fun, having them stay in...
Paying tax when you move to France by Siddalls Moving or retiring to France is a dream that many share. However, because France is viewed as a high tax jurisdiction many are put off when it comes to taking the plunge. We look at how spending your time in France can actually work to your financia...

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