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I just came across this article on MSN and clicked it out of curiosity, and thought ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!! How much further can the media be in the tank for this guy?! I understand he is the president elect and it's an historic event, but seriously?! So here are some different ideas as well as a l...
     Over the past couple weeks I have had clients ask if banks are "out of money". Let me just say that the answer is a resounding NO!      We are all continuing to do business and have actually been fairly busy the past few months. There are some things that have changed however, and here they ...
With all these Phoenix Suns fans around, and the game tomorrow night. I just thought I would remind them that we beat up on Houston, who then beat you up last night, literally. Did you see the scrum and Steve Nash's neck??? Seriously, you made the mistake of bringing in an old, slow, overweight S...
Ok, so after typing this entire thing, and NOT saving or copying it. It didn't save properly, and then deleted itself. SO I'LL TRY AGAIN! Recently we realtors have been fielding a TON of questions regarding "Short Sales. I have listed the majority of the questions and will attempt to answer them ...
I just wanted to remind everyone, the day aftern Veterans day, that much like any of the other holidays or rememberances we observe, it is never enough. We shouldn't forget about our faith and the sacrifice made by our savior the day after Christmas. We shouldn't stop calling our parents and gran...
     With the election finally behind us, many people are asking what the impact of Barack Obama being elected will have on the Real Estate market. I have mixed feelings about this but will try to stay as objective as possible for the sake of not choosing sides.      First of all, let's look at t...


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