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OK, the proposed TREC inspector's SOP was finalized last week and will be presented to the TREC commissioners on 8/18 for consideration. My guess is that is will be accepted and adopted and phased in over the next couple of months. There will likely be another 30-60 day public comment period but ...
I attended today's, June 30th, TREC meeting. This was the full Texas Real Estate Commission meeting not the Inspectors Committee meeting. As 'promised' at the June 16th Inspectors Committee meeting the status of the proposed SOP was conveyed to the Commission and the prediction made that the prop...
The proposed new Texas HI SOP and Report Form were presented at the full TREC Commissioner's meeting on 4/28 and TREC accepted them as shown in my previous postings. The proposed SOP will now be posted to the Texas Register for public comments for 30-60 days and then TREC will most likely accept ...
Here are my notes from the April 7, 8, 9th TREC Inspectors Committee meeting. As usual, my notes are in blue.Meeting Notes:
For those Texas HI's that are interested, here are the latest proposed Standards of Practice and Reporting Form. This SOP may go to full Inspector Committee in February and on to TREC in March or so for final consideration. I encourage you to review these proposals and let the SOP Sub-committee m...
Here are my notes from today's TREC meeting in Austin. My notes are in Blue and I only took notes during the Inspector sections of the meeting: .
Since I live and work in Austin it is fairly easy for me to schedule around and attend the TREC Inspector Committee meetings. Here are my personal notes from today's meeting: . This is a short two page .pdf file with my comments shown in blue. 
Many home inspectors design and write their own monthly newsletters for their clients and Realtors that they do business with. I've been using HomeHints e-News for about 18 months now and can certainly provide high marks for it. I send it out to around 500 folks every month and have had a tremend...
The recent amendment to Senate Bill 914 to add the requirement that Texas Home Inspectors carry Errors and Omissions Insurance is creating quite a stir among many people. Not only for the proposal to carry the insurance but also how that requirement was added in the 11th hour of this legislative ...
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