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The state of Texas operates an ‘unclaimed property’ website at . When a payor cannot find a person that is owed money then at some point that money is turned over to the state. I did a search for my name and found that Allstate owed me $100 from 18 years ago. After ...
This is absolutely mind boggling! Those of us with small businesses will be inundated with paperwork. Simply put, not only will you continue receiving 1099's but starting in 2012 you will have to send one to anyone (anyone!) you spend more than $600 with. Yep, better start getting Tax ID's and co...
Here's the 1st hour of the 4/21/10 TREC IAC teleconference discussing Requests for Interpretation:
Since the inception of home inspection licensing in Texas in the early 90's the exam taken to qualify for a license has been designed and administered by TREC. Certainly, over the last 10-15 years the test questions have been designed by the Inspector's Advisory Committee to TREC. There is now a ...
For the past 6 years I have attended most all of the TREC Inspector Advisory Committee meetings and reported my observations and meeting notes on the InterNACHI message board as well as my personal company blog, here at ActiveRain and elsewhere. I have also held the semi-official title of InterNA...
Here are my notes from the Feb 22nd TREC Inspector Advisory Committee meeting:
Attached are my personal notes from today’s, 2/9/10, TREC IAC SOP/Commentary subcommittee teleconference. Bottom line, the Commentary moves forward with a high likelihood of being incorporated in one manner or the other into the SOP and will become an ‘enforceable document’. My Notes here
Well, the TREC IAC Subcommittee that is working on the proposed Commentary is planning a teleconference next Tuesday, 2/9. The meeting will be primarily to discuss the Commentary and how to incorporate it into the TREC Rules thereby becoming an 'enforceable' document. The effective result is that...
This SOP Commentary Position Statement was mailed today to all 9 TREC Commissioners, several TREC staff members, the Inspectors Advisory Committee and leaders of the other trade associations active in Texas.
The TREC Inspector's Advisory Committee SOP Subcommittee meeting scheduled for this morning at 11:00 am was canceled due to lack of a quorum of the subcommittee members. Members of the full IAC met privately with TREC staff to discuss the logistics of the proposed Commentary and how it might be i...

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