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Our DFW Tax Firm specializes in guiding Realtors through their tax issues.  Our goal is to help these professionals minimize their taxes while making sure that they stay out of trouble with the IRS.  Realtors, like other small business owners and independent contractors, don’t have the luxury of ...
Payroll Tax Problems are a common denominator in a large percentage of failed businesses.  Either they are an initial driver of the cause of the business failure or a symptom of those problems.  However, one thing is certain, once a company begins to experience payroll tax problems, it becomes v...
COVID-19 is having a drastic impact on Small Business Owners across the country. During any economic downturn, business owners often have to make difficult cash flow decisions. One solution is for business owners postpone making payroll tax payments to the IRS in order to make payroll for their s...
Taxpayers often come into our office looking for an Offer In Compromise, or some other option, where they don’t have to pay any or all of their IRS Debt. The reality is that most people with a good job don’t qualify for an Offer and a payment plan is often the best alternative.  Are there advanta...
If you've read my prior blogs, you already realize that Payroll Tax Debt is often the most complicated and risky tax debt issue to deal with, and as mentioned in the title, not only is the business liable for the tax, but the owner’s and other “Responsible Persons” can be held responsible for the...
Did you know that there are approximately 20 million taxpayers that are either in some stage of the collection process with the IRS or are believed to be non-filers (who also owe the IRS)?  Although this is a huge number, this number is expected to continue to increase in the current economic env...
With all that’s going on in the world, the negative impact on businesses and the layoffs of W-2 workers, it can be tempting to put off filing your taxes, particularly if you will owe taxes.  In the best of times, most taxpayers dread the tedious task of compiling their financial records, tax docu...
If you are drowning in debt and working harder and harder to make ends meet, you may think a bankruptcy filing is the only way out, but that is not necessarily the case. Filing for bankruptcy is one solution, but it is a drastic step that should only be taken as a last resort. This is especially ...
2020 threw a huge wrench into everything and the IRS collections proceedings are no exception. With the tax deadline pushed until July 15th and a lot of the IRS closed under shelter at home orders due to COVID19, to the IRS being tasked with sending millions of Americans their stimulus checks, th...
It’s my experience in working with taxpayers who owe the IRS, there are also other problems going on in their lives that created the IRS problem and they get paralyzed, don’t resolve their tax problem, and find it getting worse and worse.  When tax debt is not dealt with timely, it can easily esc...

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