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Choosing a hotel for an upcoming vacation SOUNDS pretty easy, right?You've got maid service.  Often there is free breakfast.  A pool, Cable TV... what more could you want?Well, once you've stayed at a hotel that didn't fit your needs -- you find that out pretty quickly, and I am sure a lot of you...
We all have one or two friends that are practically impossible to find gifts for.  You know, it’s like finding gifts for the woman who wants nothing because she has every trendy new gadget and luxury product on the market.  When you think you've finally found an innovative option, you celebrate o...
I don't think anyone is out there to say that life is easy.Sure some parts of life are easy, but there are plenty that we are designed to struggle with.Today I want to talk a bit about how you can get through hard times and find yourself on the other side a better human.1.  Consider the LengthSom...
Trying to figure out the right timing for buying a home can be SO hard.Things people ask: Do you have enough saved for a downpayment Do you have enough extra for emergencies, etc? Should you wait and get a bigger house? Today I want to discuss how to figure out the timing and how you sometimes ha...
Think you need to live on 200 acres out in the country to enjoy the benefits of homesteading? Think again.If you do your research, follow the ordinances of your location and take adequate precautions before bringing your first livestock home you will not only start out right with your goats but y...
Life can be a downer sometimes.  Things can get REALLY stressful and I think it's important to know how to let off some steam and enjoy life.  Here are some of my favorite ways to let go of the stressors of life and enjoy it more!1.  Go to an amusement park. There is nothing more "letting go" tha...
When you move into your brand new, beautiful home, you think this will be the motivation you need to keep it perfect.Much to your dismay, life will still continue to happen even after the papers are signed and you're handed the keys.Here are some awesome ways to get even a disgusting house under ...
Growing a vegetable garden is really gaining in popularity and for that reason, home buyers may seek out properties in more rural areas.This may not always be an option, however, so what can you do if you live in the city but you want a country home?You can grow a Patio Garden.Growing a garden on...
Isn't it amazing how quickly the expenses add up when someone is moving and trying to get into a new house? No matter how much we save and plan, it's something every client seems to deal with. Those unexpected expenses just add up and it's something that overwhelms many.  It’s no wonder that many...
A lot of life has difficult tasks to accomplish.  Whether it's a tough sell, a hard client or just everyday obstacles that get in our way.  Today, I want to share 5 things you can do to get through hard things.1.  Accept that it's hard.   Sometimes you just have to accept that a task is hard -- s...

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