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      The Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibits discrimination in the lending process and applies for all lease applications. Property Managers need to know and implement the Act into all of their tenant selection activities. Property Managers need to conductthemselves in a consistent and system...
.   I wanted to Reblog this for the students I teach Real Estate Sales.Many do not understand that you can’t really succeed by being a Wandering Generality . You must become a Meaningful Specific !This post will help you focus on clearly defining your niche !  “A year from now you may wish you ha...
.     Tenants occasionally find themselves in a rental where the Landlord is slow to fix things . Many times that Landlord is actually “milking the property”. They are pocketing the CashFlow the Property is generating , but not investing it back intothe property . Many are renting properties that...
     Sometimes life is pulling us in many directions. Other times we are working from a “To Do List” and are determined to accomplish and hit our goals . We have no time for any interruptions. No one had better try and call an audible ! Our hectic day ends and we are happy with our progress of be...
    Many Propery Managers are confronted with one more challenge when inspecting a now vacant rental unit . The exiting tenants have left behind Personal Property . What should they do with all of this stuff ?     The “PA Landlord Tenant Act” requires tenants to remove their personal propery from...
     Some investors attempt to improve Cash Flow by eliminating unnecessary operating expenses . And some of these investors quickly learn that a Property Manager is not an expense , but rather a key component to your Investment Team. No business can grow unless the person at the top can Delegate...
     Everyone knows they need to invest for their future and Golden Years. But getting started often gets postponed. One crucial area that stops people in their tracks is coming to grips with 5 Elements of deciding whether or not to Invest.  1. Risk - can I lose my Money ( Investment) . Sage inve...
Most tenants are required to provide a Security Deposit.The Security Deposit (SD) is used to protect the Landlord’s interest if the tenants damage the unit or defaults on rental payments.  In PA , the “Landlord Tenant Act” governs all residential SD’s.Here are a few of its provisions: 1. Maximum ...
     Most Landlords managing their own properties havea leak in their financial ship . It’s called Vacancy .It can undo all of your efforts to increase the value ofyour investment. It can take a property that on papershould Cash Flow and make it an Alligator ( who’snever full - $$$) . It can deva...
   I’m teaching a Property Management Course , part of our PA Broker Series , in York , PA . We have talked about Property Managers specializing in HOA Management as a niche . This post reallydefines some of the key attributes and skills needed to be Successful. It’s a good read , enjoy ............

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