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For those who didn't believe a horrible house could be made new, here are the rehab pictures.   The rehab is done and only the sawdust remains in these pictures.  Total cost for this major project:  $50,000 which included insulation, siding, windows, furnace, water heater, upgraded electric from ...
EARLY STAGES OF 35W BRIDGE RECONSTRUCTION Just one year ago today the unthinkable happened in Minneapolis.  The 35W bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed taking many cars to the depths of the river with it.  Disbelief showed on the faces of local residents.  Emergency call operators found ...
Almost two years ago, when Active Rain was a baby social network and the members did a lot of playing in the "rain", the question was posed "What is a lychee".  At that time the secret captcha words were all fruits, so we knew lychee had to be a fruit, but few knew what they were.  I suspected I ...
For some rehabbers, the dirt has to be removed before the plan can be made.  The space has to be felt.  The home has to talk to the owner.  For other rehabbers, the record of baby steps is important so they don't lose their vision.  Progress can seem very slow.  In the house from the previous pos...
Subtitled:  Do You Really Have What It Takes to Do the Zero Down Infomercial Programs? If you want to be a rehabber and make some "easy" and quick money when you grow up, let me show you what the infomercials don't tell you!  The following series of pictures was taken from a house with good bones...
Only a few times in my life have I gotten riled up enough to attend a public hearing about an ordinance change.  This week has joined one of those occasions.  One of the council members for the city of St. Paul has proposed a change to the city's current vacant housing ordinance.  A change that I...
It happened very quietly, almost surreptitiously, but I noticed that the Minnesota blogging crown has now passed to a new owner.  The Minnesota Blog Queen has been displaced by a new face, one who very much deserves the honor.  Teri Eckholm of Anoka, Minnesota, Halloween Capital of the World and ...
Hi!  My name is Ducky.  I've been sitting patiently waiting for my friend Bonnie to get done with her real estate paperwork.  She works and works and works.  She sells real estate and when she goes away from our St. Paul office, I really think she's having a good time.  She always comes back in a...
There's a change in the wind.  Have we heard that before?  I think so.  We've heard so much about the change in the St. Paul real estate market that we're sick of it, but finally it seems that sellers in the St. Paul area are getting the message.  More and more of my sellers are willing to reduce...
I joined the official Active Rain Bronze Star Hall of Fame and then removed my name when I read the directions.  When all else fails read the directions.  I had to be invited to join the Active Rain Bronze Star Hall of Fame.  I felt like the disciples when Jesus warned them not to take a seat of ...

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Thoughts about St. Paul houses, rentals, remodeling, staging, market trends, life, and more.