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According to BrokeAgent, an agent set fire to his client's home and burned it down.OK, so the fire was a definite faux pas. A glaring error, and such a big one, too I'm sure the client's lawyers will help the client get what's right.The agent's attitude as quoted seems to come across leaving a bi...
Today on Active Rain there was a question about "Sign Crossing" and what exactly it is? Here's one interpretation (mine, of course).In short:A real estate broker (or agent, associate, salesperson, etc., as per local naming conventions) cannot approach - with the intent to enter into a new contrac...
Something I often hear other real estate brokers say about showing buyers homes: "When I hear the buyer talk about how the furniture is going to fit, I know they're hooked on the house."This might well be true of some buyers, but my personal experience differs.When my husband and I were house-hun...
How do you negotiate? Do you know what your predominate style is? I know mine!Recently I attended a Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) course on negotiation. Among many other great tidbits, we were presented with R.G. Shell's five basic negotiation styles and it was discussed that we typically ha...
Yay! The Sphere of Influence (SOI)-only "marketing" is working, slowly, as fully anticipated, but working! {bounce bounce bounce} I have a friend and fellow H.O.G. member interested in purchasing a new build home. I'll call her Jane. She'll start looking probably early summer and she's now workin...
Ginger Harper's question today about The Call of Nature brought up some interesting answers. My own response: I think as a listing agent, I might have this discussion with my seller and if they have strong feelings against it, put it in the showing instructions to please not use the facilities. O...
Last week I attended a seminar entitled Marijuana and Real Estate Professionals. Since then I've also been: perusing Debbie Laity's series on marijuana in Colorado on Active Rain,  surfing through Colorado.gov's Marijuana web portal, and skimming Realtor.org's Field Guide to the Impact of Legaliz...
OK, so having a reluctant geeky/techy background I've long been a website snob. I'll visit a website and often click right back away from it within seconds if it's an old out-dated style or poorly organized or whatever my eyes are catching on that particular day.Now I'm turning into quite the lis...
One theme I keep hearing, reading, and viewing as advice to newbies -- "don't ever tell them you're new to real estate."I've even read that if a client asks me directly - "how long have you been in real estate" - to treat it as an objection - or an issue, a concern, or a roadblock - to be overcom...
This weekend hubby was out of town visiting family so I went wild and went out to lunch with girlfriends on both Saturday and Sunday. {Ha ha, gotcha didn't I? Yes, yes, I'm not very wild.} In addition to spending the days {lunch with these ladies never equates to "just lunch"} with fabulous peopl...

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