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"Charlotte Property Management Monthly" discusses the latest in property management, especially concerning rent-to-own (aka lease options and lease purchase) and rent-to-sell. The purpose is to educate Realtors and consumers alike on more innovative home buying, renting, and selling techniques. This also includes some small business insight as well.
  Early impressions can be very telling.  In relationships, they can save you a lot of time and heartache.    For example, when you first start dating someone, the first 2 weeks really are pivotal.  One really wrong move and it is over, right?  So, it is important to pay attention and try to figu...
    As homes for sale sit and rentals continue to gain prominence in the residential real estate market across the country, concerned owners are wondering how to best fill their rental properties quickly.  So are property managers.   "Everyday my house is empty costs me money!  Besides the mortga...
    "What??  Are you crazy?  Is moonshine still a big draw in Charlotte?" you may say.    Sure, I've read the news and understand the dire straits the housing market is in.  And, no, there is no gold rush (that I'm aware of...) coming to Charlotte; we're getting hammered like everyone else.  My r...
      I'm a big (recent) fan of these "Groupons."  What a great deal for consumers!  Groupons are like regular coupons, except on steroids; they offer discounts of 50%+ to use at local businesses.  I am impressed and now a big supporter.   Early last week there was a groupon for one of the top re...
    "Since they collapsed into conservatorship in September 2008, Fannie and Freddie have received $151 billion in taxpayer assistance.  More will certainly be needed."    "If this Mr. Smith goes to Washington as head of FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency), he will face a monumental challenge a...
      Oh, the joy of the successful up-sell!  Ask a simple question many times to many customers and make a ton more money!  This is what all corporations pine for:   McDonalds: "Do you want fries with that?"  Amazon: "7 more dollars and get FREE shipping!" Dominos: "Order 2 pizzas at regular pri...
  "There are no facts, just interpretations."  Friedrich Nietzsche   On a whole, I like honesty.  I like it when people tell me what they really think (within reason).  And if they don't have anything interesting or worthwhile to say, omission works well for me too.  I like things clear and easil...
   I have to admit, pricing rental homes is an issue that I struggle with.  As a property manager in Charlotte for the past 6 years, I really should have a good grip on the right approach; however, I'm still constantly debating myself over the correct way to do it.  And my therapist says this sel...
  As a Charlotte property manager specializing in lease options (rent-to-own and rent-to-sell), we get many calls from home sellers "exploring their options" about their vacant properties (unlike Obama, my puns are typically not intended).  So, as a public service, I'll run through the available ...
  Every client we've ever had has wanted as little vacancy time for their rental as possible.  Zero days are optimal; every day after zero winds up costing them money in utilities, mortgage payments, and maintenance.  Not wanting to lose any money leads to a mentality of getting the home on the m...

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