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If you want a mortgage in Hungary, you'd better hurry! Their central bank deputy governor said that Hungary needs to tighten rules for mortgage loans combined with unit-linked insurance products, to reduce risks in the financial sector. Interestingly, not only are Hungarian banks predominantly ow...
For anyone who has a hankering to keep up on the mortgage news that is out there, one free service they should consider is   One has to be careful about what is out there in the web. I received this urgent notice yesterday: Email Warning!If you get an e-mail with "Nu...
Forget all the news about the bailout, and about Citi/Wachovia! More importantly, Heather Locklear was arrested! Rumors of thousands of men lined up to post bail are probably exaggerated.,0,3093032.story Obviously this...
Remember when this business was fun? People enjoyed their work, and the industry stayed out of the news? When your parents didn't quite know what you did for a living? When rates mattered more than underwriting guidelines? When we thought that the worst was over - people would liken this to a bas...
What is a "credit spread"? It is a yield difference, usually compared to a US Treasury security with a similar maturity, which reflects the issuer's credit quality. One indicator that the bank could be in trouble is the widening of its credit spreads, evidence that investors believe the debt is r...
careful what you wish for, especially with lower rates. Every lock, either with a borrower, agent, broker, or investor, taken prior to Monday is now "out of the money". Every mortgage-backed security trade, done prior to Monday, is now 1-2 points ($10-20 thousand dollars per million) under water....
One of life's mysteries is how a 2-pound box of chocolates can make me gain 5 pounds! Or what investor's fallout & relocks are going to be like this month!   Washington Mutual removed 20+ year veteran CEO Kerry Killinger, and replaced him with former Independence Bancorp and Sovereign Bancorp exe...
The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing, and then they marry him. Obviously Ms. McCain is not saying that. They have finished up the conventions for the presidential election. We have representatives from Alaska (state motto: "11,623 Eskimos Can't Be Wrong!"), Arizo...
Agents enjoy talking about the great the loans are that are being originated now, and "Why wouldn't investors want to buy them?" On the flip side, this is just what mortgage investors don't want to see: headline stories about how mortgage fraud is still going strong.


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