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  "No one looks forward to the day their annual property tax bill arrives. But those in affluent Westchester County, a suburban swath of New York that includes areas like Rye and Armonk, most likely dread it more than most. That's because homeowners fork over a median $8,404 per year to live ther...
  How common is this? Interesting artice from Diane Olick over at CNBC:"Since many second lien holders are getting very little, they are now allegedly requesting money on the side from either real estate agents or the buyers in the short sale. When I say "on the side," I mean in cash, off the HUD...
  Very entertaining video.  It's fun to watch all the pundits who were SO sure there wasn't a "real estate bubble" being proven wrong.....although they are STILL being given the same kind of air time today.  If you were on back in 2006-2007 calling for a crash in real estate, you were laughed at ...
  Right near the top of the bubble:"...those who argue that housing prices are now at the point of a bubble, seem to me to be missing a very important point;  Unlike previous examples we have had, where substantial excessive inflation of prices, later caused some problems.  We are talking here ab...
    Wisconsin proposal aims to cut mortgage fraud "A recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation found about 12-percent of the state's mortgage brokers had felony records."   Better than 1 in 10!
    China Tells Banks To Stop Paying Fees to Real-Estate Agents Aren't you glad you aren't a Realtor in China? "China has told banks to stop giving commissions to real-estate agents for introducing mortgage customers,...
  'The Sheriff Does Appraisals In These Parts' "The Dayton Daily News on Saturday reported that appraisers working for Plummer - most of them without real ...
   Interesting Links Appraiser make "Terrorist Threats" against Andrew Cuomo over HVCC! We're all upset over HVCC, but keep your head!Worldwide Housing Prices Good interactive chart from The Economist showing a global boom and bust of real estate.   Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, calls comm...
The Office of Real Property Services has a website with guidance as to how to file an assessment grievance. It's a typically obtuse, wonkish government paper but here is the money shot for many people:From "SECTION ONE: IS YOUR ASSESSMENT FAIR?""...the market value listed on the roll should equal...

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