What Is Propstream?Propstream is a California-based company that builds an all-in--one lead generation platform for real estate investors. From a single dashboard, you can connect with motivated sellers.Find leads, then analyze them with the deal analyzer. When you've found one you like, send dir...
Last year, I began studying for my real estate exam after deciding to pursue a career in real estate. While it seemed like a daunting task, I realized that some basic prep materials were of great help to me. Here's why I chose Real Estate Express, and why I suggest you do the same.First, let me s...
Let's face it - the digital age has brought with it great change. You can now list a house, connect with buyers, and even close on a house digitally. While some agents fear for their jobs, other agents see how a growing trend can help streamline their business and increase leads. And what is this...

Andrew Helling

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