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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 Several months ago when we in Hurricane Utah there were these Beautiful Clouds floating around. Floating around like they had no care in the world.  Well I wanted to capture these Beautiful Clouds and share them with everyone at the new group:  CLOUDS AT ACTIVERAIN (clouds  If you have any cloud photographs that you would like to share with us at Activerain please feel free to join the group. There are quite a few great members already that have posted some very wonderful cloud photographs.  Please be sure to attach a cloud photo with you blog and (Happy Cloud Hunting)!  Robert Swetz  photograph above taken by: Robert Swetz and duplicating in any form is in violation of copyright infringement and subject to fines.  Please look at my new web site on photography, it's almost complete ww...
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 Beautiful Lake with very unusual colored sand - by Robert Swetz  This has to be some of the strangest colored sand I have ever seen, I did not change the color on this beautiful pic shot just out of Hurricane Utah.  The water in the lake is spring water from the mountains and it is crystal clear with trout and other fish swimming around.  If you wade around the shore line the sand around the whole lake is this color, only a little darker when it's wet.  Photographs by Robert Swetz
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 Have a bright and prosperous week!  Another month and a half and the year of 2008 will be over. And we will be coming into a New Year and the market will swing around some.  The reason that I am posting the blog is because the year of 2008 has been very difficult for some people, and I wanted to try to enlighten them a little with this wonderful photograph just few miles west of Hurricane, Utah.  Let's try to keep our chins up as we come into a New Year, and Jan-Feb may be a little slow. But come Spring sales will pick.  I want to wish you all a wonderful week at Active Rain and hope you have some new clients contact you looking for homes to purchase.  And remember, if you here the name Las Vegas in any ones conversation, find out what their talking about. If for any reason these peop...
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 I have been sitting on the beautiful Breath - Taking shot of Clouds in Hurricane Utah and I just had to get it out to my family and friends at Active Rain.  This was taken on a warm Sunday 10-7-2008 and the Clouds in the photograph seem to jump out at you and over power the photograph.  This photograph would make a great picture to blow up to a 11x144, frame and hang on the wall.  Remember everyone, have a wonderful safe-weekend and enjoy some time with your families.  Photograph by Robert Swetz  All photographs by: Robert Swetz and copyrighted/ trademarked by Robert Swetz - Any duplication in any form with out the permission of Robert Swetz will be in violation of a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $20,000 dollars - For permission please call Robert ...
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 Good morning members and non-members of Active Rain and Happy Friday.  What is so Happy about today, well you try to decide why you would like it to Happy.  For me, when I look at this photograph that I took in Utah 2 weeks ago and how beautiful the colors are and the Happy feeling that I felt when I was there, it makes me Happy.  Try to imagine the feeling that you would feel if you were sitting on cliff looking at this beautiful site? And the thousands of years that the waters have been cutting through these rocks to give you the beauty before you.  This photo was taken in Huricane Utah and the river down below that you see winding is the Virgin River that runs from the mountains of Cedar City all the way to Mesquite Nevada, just west of St. George Utah.  Please try to enjoy your Fr...
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 11th Hole - photo taken by Robert Swetz  This has to be one of the most different and beautiful Golf Courses I have ever seen.  Just 7 miles south west of Hurricane Utah is this Golf Course in the middle of these mountains with colors of bright red, greens, and other mineral deposits colors.  It is a eighteen hole Golf Course and to get to the greens you take Golf Carts down these winding roads and zig-zag back and forth to get to the next hole.  As you can see by this photo below, you drive off of this cliff over and around these beautiful red rocks, and I don't mean with your cart, the ball.  14th Hole: photo taken by Robert Swetz  I didn't Golf the Course myself, we just drove a Golf Cart around and took some photographs and enjoyed the views and fresh air.  Down below is another g...
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 Look at these beautiful colors? by Robert Swetz  Have you ever seen such Beautiful Colors before?  I took this photograph today on my way home from South West Utah. This photograph was taken just west of Hurricane Utah on some small reservoir.  These are some of my groups if you want to join or view any of my photographs:  This post has been included in Utah Information Washington County, UT Information Hurricane, UT Information Post is included in group: MY VACATIONS AT ACTIVE RAIN Post is included in group: LATE NIGHT - EARLY MORNING AT ACTIVE RAIN Post is included in group: EXPRESS WITH WORDS AT ACTIVE RAIN Post is included in group: EXPRESS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AT ACTIVE RAIN Post is included in group: CLOUDS AT ACTIVE RAIN (clouds attached)  The colors of Red, Blue and white from the...
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