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 Homes at Mt. Charleston Nevada Las Vegas by Robert Swetz For anyone that has been to Las Vegas Nevada knowing how hot it really gets, here's a post that may shock you!Mt Charleston Nevada is located 45 minutes north west of the hot city of Las Vegas Nevada.There is snow during the winter months that stays on the ground during the colder months, along with hiking, skiing and more activities. So when it's in the triple digits in Las Vegas Nevada the temps around Mt. Charleston will range like this ... MT. CHARLESTON F.S., NEVADAPeriod of Record Monthly Climate SummaryPeriod of Record : 01/01/1949 to 06/10/2016   Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual Average Max. Temperature (F) 44.0 43.4 48.8 54.8 64.4 74.1 79.4 78.2 71.7 61.4 51.6 44.3 59.7 Average Min. Temperature (F) ...
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By The Myers Team | Las Vegas Top Real Estate Agents, Nobody Finds BUYERS Faster Than The MYERS
(Simply Vegas Real Estate)
Las Vegas, Nevada -- Congress has given Nevada Homeowners the best New Years gift ever.  The late night deal to avert the fiscal cliff included an extension of the 2007 Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act which was to expire on 12/31/2012. According to the National Association of Realtors, "A number of what lawmakers call extenders are in the bill. Extenders keep in place expiring tax provisions. Of most interest to real estate, the bill would extend mortgage cancellation relief for home owners or sellers who have a portion of their mortgage debt forgiven by their lender, typically in a short sale or foreclosure sale for sellers and in a modification for owners. Without the extension, any debt forgiven would be taxable, which, for underwater households, represents a financial burden." ...
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  Vegas Bob really enjoys riding his Harley Davidson, and with these cooler temperatures it's even more enjoyable. VB went for a little put several days ago and it's a good thing he did because it has been raining in Las Vegas off & on for two days now, it's so foreign when it rains in Las Vegas Nevada. VB's ride the other day took him into the mountains around Mount Charleston around 45 minutes north of Las Vegas. Mount Charleston is a very beautiful are with plenty of pine trees, cooler temps and more.     There are some HUGE homes around Mount Charleston, and if you look real close you can see several in the photo above. I really like this photo with the sun coming across the mountain side, and the shadow around the bottom.  
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Eric Fricker's Metro Vehicle by Robert Swetz Mt Charleston Metro Police/ Las Vegas Nevada – Vegas Bob very disappointed. Vegas Bob took his daughter Sherry to Mt Charleston to play in the snow because she has never seen snow before being born in Myanmar (Burma). There were about eight vehicles parked on the right side of the road while people played and were sliding in the snow. We were not there more than 5 minutes and officer Eric Fricker pulls up in his vehicle in the photo (above). Before officer Fricker gets out of his vehicle he starts writing Vegas Bob a ticket for parking in a restricted area, a person next to my vehicle called down to me. I quickly went up to my vehicle and asked officer Fricker what was wrong, he said that all the vehicles were parked in a restricted are and ...
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By Billie Hillier, Savvy Home Realty Solutions
Below are photos from my house to Mt. Charleston for a showing I had on Friday. I apologize for the photo quality (left the camera on the counter).   Mt Charleston is lcoated in the northwest area of Las Vegas and the summer heat can be beat by about 20-30 degrees. On Friday, when I left my house it was 53 and when I arrived to the home I was showing, it was 23! (Good thing I remembered my gloves!)There are some GORGEOUS homes for sale on Mt. Charleston, which is a 4 season playground to those who enjoy the outdoors. My husband is up there at least once a month to hike or snow shoe (depending on the season).   Mt Charleston homes for sale Lunch at Mt Charleston Hiking Mt Charleston
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By Billie Hillier, Savvy Home Realty Solutions
By Bob Hillier Mt. Charleston is the jewel of Las Vegas. Rising to just a shade under 12,000’ from the Vegas valley, it is a majestic mountain that has 4 season attractions. Located in the Spring Mountains, it is the only mountain in southern Nevada to rise above the timberline. Fortunately, it is undiscovered by most Las Vegans. Fortunately those of us that HAVE discovered it, have it mostly to ourselves. In the summer when the heat in the Valley is 100 plus, the temperatures on Mt. Charleston rarely rises above the 70’s. In the Fall when the Aspen leaves turn, the colors, the vistas and the crisp air are unsurpassed. Winter brings the snowcap that stays until June and a winter playground that most don’t realize the desert can deliver. Follow the road up Lee Canyon and you will arrive...
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By Billie Hillier, Savvy Home Realty Solutions
Today I went to introduce one of my clients to Mt. Charleston Real Estate. One thing that is always guaranteed, the weather on this scenic mountain is always 10 - 30 degrees cooler than the base. I live in NW Las Vegas and the drive from my house to the top is about 30 minutes. We pulled out our boots and snow jackets and headed up the mountain. With all the rain we have had the past few days, we were convinced we would run into a lot of snow at the top. Unfortunately, we were about 2-3 degrees that made the difference between sleet and the white powdery stuff we don't see often at the bottom of the mountain.   View all listings of Mt. Charleston real estate for sale Featured listing at 223 Rainbow Canyon - courtesy of Team Carver - Prudential Americana Our visit to Mt. Charleston over...
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 "Angel in the Clouds" by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) 12-31-2009  With the end of 2009 and entering the "New Year" of 2010 I came across this Angel floating in the Clouds at Mount Charleston Nevada. Mount Charleston is only a 45 minute from Las Vegas and it is fun area to ski and play in the snow.  Do I believe in Angels? Well of course I do and I believe this one will be looking over Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) coming into the "New Year"  I have always been intrigued with it comes to Sunsets/ Sunrises and the effects the sun light can play with photography, and by looking at this photograph you can see why.  I would like everyone at the Activerain network to have a safe and "Happy New Year" and I hope all of you have a Angel looking over your shoulders coming into the "New Year"  Have a Won...
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 Yes that crazy looking guy with the beard is Vegas Bob, and we did a bike run at Mount Charleston in Nevada. We were suppose to go to Sedona Arizona, but changed our minds because or the distance.  Temperatures in Las Vegas today were around 105 degrees and when we arrived at Mount Charleston it was about 80 degrees and very comfortable. Mt. Charleston is only 45 minutes from Las Vegas and a great place for people to get away and cool down from the extreme temps around the Strip.  Tomorrow we will be riding over to South West Utah and I am very excited about it! I will be taking many more photographs and Nu Nu will be with me tomorrow and I will make sure to get some pics of my little biker girl!  Here is a photograph from the Chalet/ restaurant where we had a nice lunch.  Here is a p...
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 Funny Friday's - Even the smallest living thing can't get by Vegas Bob!  Every living thing must eat and this creature has it's mouth full. Can you tell me what this ant has in it pincher's? Looks like a Lady Bug to me!  As I was hiking along the trail up at Mt Charleston in Nevada I made sure I didn't step on this ant because this is his mountain too. He has the right to be there as much as any other living thing.  Was I looking for ants while I was hiking? No!  I just caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and thought I better get is a shot of nature in action.  "Have a wonderful Friday" and I will be around later in the day!  Vegas Bob This photograph was taken by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - duplication is prohibited by copyright laws - all rights are reserved.  Please feel...
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 Speechless Sundays - Textures & Patterns from my Hike at Mt. Charleston Nevada 5-2-2009 by Robert Swetz   These photographs were taken by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) and duplication is prohibited by copyright laws - all rights are reserved.  Please feel free to look at my wonderful Real Estate web site at: www.VegasBuildingsForSale.com  Or my photography web site at: www.SearchMyPics.com  Vacant Land web site at: www.LakeOwner.com  
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 Searching for Photographers at Active Rain.  Who has some photos that they would like to share at a fast growing group with some wonderful members and great photographers?  I have been taking photographs for 30 years now and still learn from day to day how to shoot good photos. If you don't think you take good photos, post them to the group and let us decide.  I find time to comment to everyone's photos, whether their new to photography or professionals.  Here is a colorful photo I took at Mount Charleston - Nevada 10-5-2008, you can see how the leaves are starting to change. Mount Charleston is only a 45 minute drive from The Las Vegas Strip and it is a very beautiful place to go.    This is another very pretty photo of Red Rock Canyon only 20 minutes from The Las Vegas Strip.  I wen...
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By Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer
(Savvy Home Pix)
Yesterday as the Las Vegas Valley baked at 107 degrees we decided to take a drive up the mountain for a BBQ lunch. We settled for a picnic spot in between the Mt Charleston lodge and Lee Canyon in the Toiyabe National Forest. The weather is just about always 20-30 degrees cooler than the valley. The elevation was about 9000 feet with a little riparian fall running just feet from the picnic spot amid the large pine trees. I am allergic to them so ACHOO all day!Area real estate boasts a variety of homes from quaint cottages to gorgeous luxury homes nestled snug on the mountain side and surrounded by pine (achoo again!)This is a little known hideaway for Las Vegas area residents and sometimes tourists.Summer activities in the area include: campgrounds, picnic areas, extensive hiking trails...
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