South Saint John (Saint John, NB)
By Ann-Marie Clements, Ed.D. candidate, Innovative Proactive Principa
(Candidate for an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership)
On Wednesday, Oct 1st, 2008, we had both the Queen Mary 2 and the Norwegian Dream at our Saint John, New Brunswick port.  We had approximately 5,000 more people in our city in less then a day.  In the spring to fall months, we have cruise ships in port every week.  The temperature within the Bay of Fundy doesn't exceed 55 degrees Fahrenheit.                        Here are the differences between the two cruise ships:                                        Queen Mary 2                             vs.             Norwegian Dream   Gross Tons:              151,400                                       vs.             50,760 Builder:                    Chantiers de L'Antique                   vs.            Chantiers de L'Antique (France) Original Cost:           550 million (Euros)       ...
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